Rebecca Gayheart: Bumpin’ Around Town?

Rebecca Gayheart: Bumpin' Around Town?

Could it be one too many burgers for Rebecca as well?

Although it has not been officially announced, Rebecca Gayheart was spotted leaving a grocery store in Los Angeles with what appears to be a baby bump on Sunday (Sept. 20). After leaving the grocery store, the rumored-mom-be lit up a cigarette as she pulled away.

The day before, we saw the 38-year-old former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress and her 36-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star hubby, Eric Dane, at the car shop.

What do you think? Is there McBaby along the way?

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  1. melanie1983

    oh, she’s easily pregnant!

  2. Anonymous

    that’s not a cigarette she’s smoking – it’s a doobie!

  3. carolyn

    I wasn’t sure at first, but in these new pictures she definitely seems to have a bump. I hope it is just “the burgers” if she’s smoking, though!

  4. She certainly is pregnant. Makes me angry that she’s smoking. especially for those of us trying so hard to get pregnant.

  5. Anonymous

    She does look pregnant!!! wow really classy

  6. Francesca

    I hope (for the baby’s sake) that she’s not pregnant.

  7. ivy

    i hope she’s not that selfish

  8. Anonymous

    I hope this is just a rumor for the baby’s sake. Smoking while pregnant?! That’s pretty sad.

  9. Anonymous

    She is such a mess. A drug user having a child is never a good thing.


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