Rebecca Gayheart: Bumpin’ Around Town?

Rebecca Gayheart: Bumpin' Around Town?

Could it be one too many burgers for Rebecca as well?

Although it has not been officially announced, Rebecca Gayheart was spotted leaving a grocery store in Los Angeles with what appears to be a baby bump on Sunday (Sept. 20). After leaving the grocery store, the rumored-mom-be lit up a cigarette as she pulled away.

The day before, we saw the 38-year-old former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress and her 36-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star hubby, Eric Dane, at the car shop.

What do you think? Is there McBaby along the way?

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  • Anonymous

    I hope this is just a rumor for the baby’s sake. Smoking while pregnant?! That’s pretty sad.

  • ivy

    i hope she’s not that selfish

  • carolyn

    I wasn’t sure at first, but in these new pictures she definitely seems to have a bump. I hope it is just “the burgers” if she’s smoking, though!

  • Klaw

    She certainly is pregnant. Makes me angry that she’s smoking. especially for those of us trying so hard to get pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    that’s not a cigarette she’s smoking – it’s a doobie!

  • Anonymous

    She does look pregnant!!! wow really classy

  • melanie1983

    oh, she’s easily pregnant!

  • Francesca

    I hope (for the baby’s sake) that she’s not pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    She is such a mess. A drug user having a child is never a good thing.

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