Julia Roberts & Family Take Manhattan

Julia Roberts & Family Take Manhattan

They’re getting so big! Earlier this summer, Julia Roberts was spotted with her husband Danny Moder and their 4 1/2-year-old fraternal twins – daughter Hazel Patricia and son Phinnaeus ‘Finn’ Walter – in Manhattan. Little brother, 2-year-old Henry Daniel, was not with the group.

The 41-year-old Pretty Woman is currently in India busy working on her upcoming film Eat, Pray, Love. The Academy Award-winning actress is pictured below with Swami Daram Dev of Ashram Hari Mandir who re-named her three kids:

Julia came to seek my blessings and I told her to learn good things about Indian culture. I said that your children should have new names. I named her twins hazel and Phinnaeus as Laxmi and Ganesh while the two-year-old Henry will now be called Krishn Balram,” PTI reports.

I can’t wait to see Julia bringing Liz’s story to the big screen!

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, the twins look nothing alike, her son is quite a carrot top!

  2. rachel s

    Her daughter is quite stunning, but doesn’t look much like Julia. It’s sweet her son is such a ginger.

  3. Andrea

    The twins are getting so big! and the adorable!

  4. Dana

    I know Julia has a reputation for not liking the paps but why always the scowl??

  5. Anonymous

    why in the world does the reporter find it necessary to use the term ‘fraternal twins’ when referring to a boy/girl combination? for pete’s sake, isn’t it obvious that they can’t be identical since they’re of different genders?? i realize, in the grand scheme of things, this is a very trivial matter. but i read this constantly in reference to the lopez/anthony twins, dennis quaid’s twins, etc. it’s kind of moronic.

  6. Anonymous

    Hazel is a very beautiful little girl.

  7. Lioness

    I actually think Hazel is a mini-Julia, with blue eyes and blond hair. Beautiful family!

  8. Allegra

    I can’t believe how blonde Hazel is! And how red-headed Finn is! They’re absolutely gorgeous children :)


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