The Broderick Girls Go For A Stroll

The Broderick Girls Go For A Stroll

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s 3-month-old twin girls, Marion and Tabitha, were being pushed in their stroller by the nanny on Wednesday (Sept. 23) in NYC.

The girls were born via surrogate mother on June 22 in Ohio.

Busy mama SJP has been spotted all over the Big Apple filming the second Sex and the City flick. Sarah and hubby Matthew Broderick are also parents to 6 1/2-year-old son James Wilke.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • melanie1983

    aw!!! i think they look like matthew!

  • Desiree

    They are SO sweet!

  • Amanda

    I think the little one in pin stripes looks like James and Sarah and the little one in blue pants looks like Matthew. I’m sure there’s going to be a big deal made out of the fact that this is a second nanny but first off we don’t know if its a nanny. It could be a friend of SJP’s that was watching the girls and second if it is a nanny so what? They are working parents and maybe they have a back up nanny in case the first one gets sick or has to take time off or they gave the first nanny time off. I don’t see anything wrong with them having a nanny. Its not like she takes care of the girls twenty four seven, just during the day while SJP films SATC 2 and Matthew is on broadway or filming movies.

  • cat vomit

    they are always with nannies it is REALLY irritating

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they have other people take them out so there is less attention to the babies. Also, they may not always be with other people… It is just when they are photographed. Most people who work have to have babysitters, so do the famous… I think these babies are beautiful and I agree the baby on the right in blue looks just like her daddy and the one in pink is definitely more her mommy.

  • Amanda

    I agree with the post above, SJP and Matthew are away from home a few hours a day so I’m sure they want the babies to go out of the house and it is less attention on the babies if they go without mommy or daddy. I can’t imagine the swarm of paps that will descend on those babies when they do go out with SJP and Matthew for the first time. SJP and Matthew are very busy right now and I’m sure when they come home they just want to spend some quiet time with the kids and not have to go out and be stared at and photographed.

    Also a word of advice cat vomit. If you don’t want to see them in a stroller then STOP looking at the posts of them. Simple. Also if you don’t want to see them in a stroller what do you want them in? Would you rather the nanny just carry them by their arms or drag them? Seriously. If you don’t like the twins being in stroller stop looking.

  • cat vomit

    i didnt say anything about a stroller ,amanda ,you are weird

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