Courteney Cox Arquette’s Hairy Situation

Courteney Cox Arquette's Hairy Situation

Kudos to Courteney Cox Arquette! I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was for her to tell a fellow celebrity mom (whose name has not been revealed) that her 5-year-old daughter Coco gave her child head lice!

PR-Inside reports Courteney’s embarrassing discovery and confession: “I look over and she (Coco) is itching her hair… I was so panicked, so I called her (the actress) up and I was like, ‘Guess what? We’re either going to be the best of friends, or you’re never going to talk to me again.’ And I said, Coco did in fact have lice.’ She said, ‘Oh, it’s just a rite of passage.’ She was so sweet,” the 45-year-old Friends star said.

Courteney’s situation went from bad to worse when she realized she was infected as well: “I got it and it isn’t so funny anymore – especially when the paparazzi follow you (into the hair salon).”

Have you had to deal with this hairy situation? Did the other parent react well?

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  • Anonymous

    It’s “rite” of passage, not “right” of passage.

  • Peta

    Never had lice, thank God. Dodged mumps and ring worm too.

  • melanie1983

    just about everyone seems to get it. but i’ve never really followed up on it or asked if my daughters can, since they’re biracial, as in black and white…?

  • Bow wow

    Rite of passage? I’ve never known anyone who has had head lice. What is she talking about? A knee-jerk comment made by her because she felt embarrassed? BTW, I’m 50 years old, been around awhile. Never known a soul who had head lice including my own children, their friends, etc.

  • Katrina

    black people CAN get lice, its just that the environment is hard for them to live in due to a large number of things. One of the major reasons is the shape of the hair, while lice in other regions have adapted to differnet hair shapes, the average american louse lives best on round shafts of hair, not flatter shafted curly hair. Other things that hinder the life are the oils, conditioners and other hair products that make navigating and the sticky substance they lay their eggs with not stick, as well as any product and process used to perm or straighten. All in all, they generally don’t live long enough for an infestation, which is why most people are under the assumption that they can’t get them.

    • testguy

      I never heard of that assumption. At first melanie’s post made me go “huh?” because I assumed race had absolutely nothing to do with it. Interesting info.

  • Rinoa

    African Americans can definitely get lice. As a teacher, I’ve seen it in the classroom. And being that I see a lot of children, I can say that I’ve seen a lot of kids with lice. Thankfully I’ve never had it myself. I have long, curly hair and can just imagine that it would be a nightmare to get.

  • Anonymous

    My 2nd grader came home with it last year and gave it to her 3 yr old sister and me. It took a MONTH to get rid of it. It was horrible. I guess they all get it at some point in school….hope I never see it again!

  • Anna

    I have never had lice either and don’t know anyone that has had it. But my aunt told me that it has become sort of an epidemic at primary schools in recent years. So she might be right that it’s a “rite of passage”!

  • Audrey

    30 years ago, my daughter and her circle of friends all had lice. Never knew who sarted it, but we all treated it, laughed about it, and then just got over it.

  • antigoniem

    Rinoa, African Americans CAN get lice but it’s not common.

    • Rinoa

      What do you mean? I also said that African Americans CAN get lice. I’m not sure about how common it is but I’ve seen it firsthand.

  • melanie1983

    i said it because i am african american as are my siblings . and we have never been exposed to it. and i was wondering, since my daughters are biracial, if they could get it. i wasn’t trying to make it a race thing, just an inquiry.

    • testguy

      I don’t think racism is an issue to the bugs, no worries melanie 😉 I only said something because I literally never heard anything about that before.

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