Guess Who Revealed: Benjamin Edward Sanov!

Guess Who Revealed: Benjamin Edward Sanov!

It’s Alison Sweeney‘s sweet son Benjamin Edward Sanov!

The adorable 4-year-old gave Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure a thumbs up at the LA premiere on Saturday (Sept. 26).

Alison and her highway patrolman hubby, David Sanov, are also parents to 8-month-old Megan Hope. The 33-year-old Days of our Lives star was recently spotted wearing Isabelle Grace jewelry, which is sold in our store!

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  • Anonymous

    Is it Alison Sweeney…

  • Anonymous

    no idea.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Ben Sweeney.

  • Anonymous

    Ohh yes Allison Sweeney’s son. I would had nooo idea if I hadn’t have read those comments.

  • cat vomit

    is that allison sweeneys son ben?im pretty sure ,her children are adorable and i LOVE her on days of our lives

  • Anonymous

    Alison Sweeney’s adorable little boy.

  • Anonymous

    Also going with Alison Sweeney’s son Benjamin Sanov.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to guess Allison Sweeney’s son, it looks like I have company. :)

  • alliea

    yup it’s allison sweeney’s son

  • sue

    Melissa Joan Hart’s son.

  • chiell

    it’s Benjamin Edward Sweeney Sanov!

  • Anonymous

    oh! I was thinking Wyatt – Sheryl Crow’s son… but you all are right… definitely Allison Sweeney’s boy :)

  • Renee

    Alison Sweeney’s son

  • Sophia

    Benjamin Sanov. Definitely.

  • hannah

    It’s Alison Sweeney and her son Ben.

  • liz tyler

    He is so cute… And how Alison does the weight loss show too.. I can not believe that Young and the Restless is stealing the same plot line.. of the baby switch…from Days of our lives..!!

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