Guess Who Revealed: The Schwarzenegger Kids!

Guess Who Revealed: The Schwarzenegger Kids!

It’s the Schwarzenegger kids!

Two of Arnold and Maria’s children – Katherine, 19, and Patrick, 16 – joked and hugged at the Santa Monica Pier where their Governor dad gave a speech for the 40th Anniversary of Special Olympics in Santa Monica on Monday (October 5). Pictured in the blue shirt is 12-year-old brother Christopher. Arnold and Maria’s 18-year-old daughter Christina was not pictured.

(Editor’s note: The boy in the black shorts is not a Schwarzenegger sibling. Apologies for any confusion.)

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  1. Anonymous

    They’re definitely not Pam Anderson’s boys but I think one of them could be a Schwarzenegger.

  2. Kediia

    REALLYY ?!?!?! =P
    last time i saw them they were younger than me .. now
    they look .. my age .. !! ok maybe younger

  3. Anonymous

    Peirce Bronson sons

  4. Anonymous

    Pierce Bronson sons

  5. jm

    These two are not brothers. The one on the right is certainly Christopher Schwarzenegger. The kid on the right is a tough call. He might be a Romano.

  6. leah

    pam anderson’s kids?? lol that was a terrible guess! i’ll go with the schwarzenegger’s..

  7. Anonymous

    I think these are Pamela Anderson’s kids

  8. Joanna

    Ray Romano’s twins???????

  9. Kediia

    I don’t think that they are Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kids …
    I saw some pics of google lol
    and they certainly arent Pam Anderson’s kids … lol
    I really don’t know .. anyways ..

  10. Anonymous

    I agree with Deb, those are def Schwarzenegger boys!

  11. Renee

    I know I’m wrong, but this is all i’ve got…
    the one in blue looks like Schwarzenegger’s youngest son…
    and the other one looks like one of Ray Ramono’s twins

  12. Francesca

    Ray Romano’s fraternal twins? Justa guess…

  13. Anonymous

    The one in blue MAY be a Schwarzenegger but the one on the right isn’t.

  14. Kediia

    ok the one in blue sort of looks like Schwarzenegger’s youngest son lol but …
    okay i just don’t know .. =P

  15. Anonymous

    oh yeah, just look at the boy on the left, hes a total Shriver/Kennedy!! so yeah, theyre Schwarzeneggers!

  16. jm

    Oops! I meant the on the left is Christopher!!

  17. serena lily

    Arnold Schwarzenegger sons.

  18. Deb

    That’s Patrick and Christopher Schwarzenegger


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