Guess Who Revealed: The Schwarzenegger Kids!

Guess Who Revealed: The Schwarzenegger Kids!

It’s the Schwarzenegger kids!

Two of Arnold and Maria’s children – Katherine, 19, and Patrick, 16 – joked and hugged at the Santa Monica Pier where their Governor dad gave a speech for the 40th Anniversary of Special Olympics in Santa Monica on Monday (October 5). Pictured in the blue shirt is 12-year-old brother Christopher. Arnold and Maria’s 18-year-old daughter Christina was not pictured.

(Editor’s note: The boy in the black shorts is not a Schwarzenegger sibling. Apologies for any confusion.)

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  • Anonymous

    They’re definitely not Pam Anderson’s boys but I think one of them could be a Schwarzenegger.

  • Kediia

    REALLYY ?!?!?! =P
    last time i saw them they were younger than me .. now
    they look .. my age .. !! ok maybe younger

  • Anonymous

    Peirce Bronson sons

  • Anonymous

    Pierce Bronson sons

  • jm

    These two are not brothers. The one on the right is certainly Christopher Schwarzenegger. The kid on the right is a tough call. He might be a Romano.

  • leah

    pam anderson’s kids?? lol that was a terrible guess! i’ll go with the schwarzenegger’s..

  • Anonymous

    I think these are Pamela Anderson’s kids

  • Joanna

    Ray Romano’s twins???????

  • Kediia

    I don’t think that they are Arnold Schwarzenegger’s kids …
    I saw some pics of google lol
    and they certainly arent Pam Anderson’s kids … lol
    I really don’t know .. anyways ..

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Deb, those are def Schwarzenegger boys!

  • Renee

    I know I’m wrong, but this is all i’ve got…
    the one in blue looks like Schwarzenegger’s youngest son…
    and the other one looks like one of Ray Ramono’s twins

  • Francesca

    Ray Romano’s fraternal twins? Justa guess…

  • Anonymous

    The one in blue MAY be a Schwarzenegger but the one on the right isn’t.

  • Kediia

    ok the one in blue sort of looks like Schwarzenegger’s youngest son lol but …
    okay i just don’t know .. =P

  • Anonymous

    oh yeah, just look at the boy on the left, hes a total Shriver/Kennedy!! so yeah, theyre Schwarzeneggers!

  • jm

    Oops! I meant the on the left is Christopher!!

  • serena lily

    Arnold Schwarzenegger sons.

  • Deb

    That’s Patrick and Christopher Schwarzenegger