Joel Madden’s Bookstore Babe

Joel Madden's Bookstore Babe

Harlow Winter Kate, 21 months, was looking cute as a button as she and her dad Joel Madden – who stayed hidden behind a shopping bag – were spotted leaving Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles today (October 9). Love the Dora backpack!

Harlow’s mom Nicole Richie is said to be recuperating after being rear-ended by a paparazzo earlier this week. We hope she’s feeling better!

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Good Charlotte Freak

    She is such a little cutie, and don’t be shy Joel, we like to see your face too. You are such a babe!!!

  2. Kediia

    Harlooww !!!
    I missed her soo much on this website !

  3. Anonymous

    lol @ her backpack!! too cute

  4. justme

    She is sooo adorable! I can’t get over how cute she is!

  5. Kati

    Harlow is such a cutie! She looks so much like her dad in this pic. But she also reminds her mum a lot. She will grow up to be a little heartbreaker. Wonder when we are gonna see Sparrow. He must be a cutie too.


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