Shauna Sand & Girls: Pizza & Pumpkins

Shauna Sand & Girls: Pizza & Pumpkins

Shauna Sand and her three gorgeous girls – Alexandra, 11, Victoria, 10, and Isabella, 8 – were photographed picking out pumpkins at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills on Sunday (October 11).

It looks like Isabella broke her arm since the last time we saw her with dad Lorenzo Lamas just last week!

The 38-year-old actress and Playboy model brought along pizza for the fun event.

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Photo credit: Fame / Flynet

  • Anonymous

    oh dear lord this women is so classless. you have three children, why the heck would you dress like that….to a pumpkin patch? attention wh*re much?

  • Peta

    I’m not saying that she has to wear a burka, but why can’t Ms. Sand dress more classy/less tawdry? I guess that’s what happens when you make your name as a sex object.

    Her daughters are lovely, but it’s quite a contrast between her and them.

  • EM

    for being SO trashy and plastic- her girls really are super cute… esp the one in the middle!

    ps- i wore the same outfit when picking out pumpkins yesterday too! :)

  • melanie1983

    weird! that’s EXACTLY what i wear to take my little girls to the pumpkin patch…

  • hmmmm

    Beautiful little girls…….I feel so sad for them that they have a mother who dresses like that.

  • Theresa

    ha ha you all beat me to the punch…lets hope her girls get their own fashion sense…not her “wh*re” style…yikes!

  • Pika

    The girls are approaching the age when they’ll be embarrassed by anything and everything. They won’t have to look far. Lorenzo better make room at his house!

  • amber

    poor girls….their mom just released a fake sex tape aka real porn. I wonder if they are home schooled. i foresee therapy for at least one of the gals.

    • Peta

      I hope that’s not true. As a mother, especially a mother of girls, how could she have thought that was a good idea? I’m praying that it’s just rumour, because I’d be more than embarrassed if my mother had done that.

  • Kediia

    they are soo pretty (the girls)
    I would be sooo embarrassed to go out with .. THIS .. !! =O
    (their mother)

  • Kathy D.

    Why did she find it necessary to dress like that at the pumpkin patch. How can she not know how inappropriate it is! The girls are beautiful and unfortunately it is what they are used to. So sad for them.

  • Anonymous

    So not appropriate. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls have fake tans and are already shaving their legs. I think the oldest one already has had highlights in her hair. I feel bad for them- such pretty girls and they’re forced to grow up too soon.

  • Cabo

    This is way too much. I mean, she already knows she will be photographed just be going to Mr. Bones, so i why the need for that outfitl?

  • Leah

    I prey for those girls!! This women is one lunatic out of her mind!! They are better off with their father.

  • Tif

    isnt this the woman that slept with Lorenzo’s older son? why is she even on this site? please no more shauna sand!

  • Nessa

    My gosh this women is such a disgrace to society. Is she serious? I’m dying to know what goes in those poor innocent little girls heads..if they think that’s normal or what? She is not fit to a mother, and is obviously a setting a bad example for her girls dressed like a hooker. I wont be surprised if they grow up and think it’s not wrong to dress like that. Shame!!!

  • Dana

    Disgusting. I guess bad publicity is better than no publicity! She really sickens me!

  • Anonymous

    She looks hot! Don’t hate.

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