Lil Wayne Confirms: Baby No. 4 On The Way!

Lil Wayne Confirms: Baby No. 4 On The Way!

Lil Wayne – who within the last year welcomed two children with two different women – is going to be a dad again. With a fourth woman!

We first heard of this story a few months ago, and now the Lollipop rapper has confirmed with BBC that he is expecting his fourth child – a son – with singer Nivea, the ex-wife of R&B singer The-Dream (who is currently expecting a child with wife Christina Milian).

Lil Wayne – whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. – welcomed his first son, Dwayne Carter III, in October 2008. The baby’s mother is unknown. His second son, Lennox Samuel Ari, was born to actress Lauren London just a few weeks ago.

The 27-year-old rapper welcomed his first child, daughter Reginae, with ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter when he was just 15-years-old.

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  • Cari

    For the sake of the world – put a sock on it!!

  • Anonymous

    He sounds like a delightful man…

  • Kylie

    He needs a vasectomy. This is disgusting.

    • Cathy B

      I AGREE 100% please for goodness sake!!!!

    • KAYLA

      u anit never lyin that is JUST SLACKKKKKKKKKK

  • alaina kendall

    sick 3 babies under 1.

  • antigoniem

    condoms anyone?????? I’m not defending him, but the mothers are just as much to blame and just as irresponsible as he is. Too many children with the same dad and different moms. the only thing I hope for is that they all grow up knowing who their father is and knowing each other. I wonder how his oldest child, Reginae, feels about going from being an only child to having three new siblings in one year.

  • Francesca

    He is perpetuating the stereotype of the black absentee father. It’s really disturbing that a young, talented, obviously influential artist would be so incredibly irresponsible! What a wonderful example …and it doesn’t say much for the insecure, clueless women who are allowing him to spread his seed…on second thought, maybe they’re not so clueless and are doing it for the child support…yet another wonderful example . I’m just waiting for the next Breaking News item…it may read something like this: “Lil’ Wayne meets the same fate as EZ E…dies of AIDS.”

  • milla

    Francesca, dont say that about AIDS. not funny and certiantly not right to wish on someone!

  • Madchen

    @milla, she didn’t say she wished it, just that she expects it. She’s right, and I agree with her.

    With unsafe sex, you’re exposed to the person you’re with plus all of the people that person’s been with and so on. Seven adults are mentioned in this article — and those are just baby mammas and ex-spouses. Add casual flings to the mix and we’re talking about dozens.

    This isn’t a moral issue; it’s a public health problem. Have we forgotten so soon?!

    • Francesca

      Well said! My point exactly!

  • Peta

    Ugh. That’s all I can say. The rest isn’t fit for a site like this.

  • Francesca

    My statement in no way “wishes” this fate on Lil’ Wayne and by no means was my post “funny”…it’s a REALITY. He’s getting women pregnant which means that he is NOT practicing safe sex! People who don’t practice safe sex put themselves (and others) at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, like HIV. It happened to EZ E and it happened to Magic Johnson…proving that celebrity status does not make one immune.

  • Lenah

    now that is what i call class, overpopulating the world and i am just taking a guess at this all these baby are accident little wayne this children do not deserve this:(

  • milla

    he could be. the women know what there doing. it takes 2 people to make a baby, everyones getting all mad at lil wayne.

  • Anonymous

    It’s embarressing that he is out there representing black people in america. This just helps racist to creat more stereotypes, not needed in this country.

  • janie

    he is disgusting!

    • michael

      not realyyyyyy

  • deeb2001

    I just wanna say that Lil Wayne in no way represents black people. President Obama represents black people. Lil Wayne represents ignorant and careless “people.” I don’t get the women that sleep with him and I don’t get how all of these people involved have unproteceted sex???!!!
    Lil Wayne does not represent my husband. My husband and I are happily married and expecting a baby together. SO forget Lil Wayne and his stupid acts of carelessness.

    And this kind of news is acceptable for this site, this site is about celebrites and their families. So, to exclude someone for their lifestyle choice is ridiculous! Its not like they go into detail about how these babies are made. is just reporting news. Peta its just news, you don’t have agree with his lifestyle.

  • Marilyn

    I wonder how many other women he slept with that didn’t get pregnant.

  • Carin

    And thats how disease gets spread. SMH

  • monifia shaw

    he is just so bum@!!!!!!!!!!!!****&&&&)^^^$$$$$with a lote of money

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