Newlywed Jaime Pressly: “We’re Just More Of A Family Now”

Newlywed Jaime Pressly: "We're Just More Of A Family Now"

Married life seems to agree with Jaime Pressly.

The My Name Is Earl star, who wed Simran Singh last month, tells People, “We just got back from our honeymoon. It feels like we are a team, it’s really an amazing feeling.”

Saying that she feels “more complete” since tying the knot, Jaime, who has 2-year-old son Dezi from a previous relationship, adds, “We’re just more of a family now.”

Though Jaime and her new hubby plan on adding to their family eventually, she says there won’t be a pregnancy announcement coming any time soon.

“Absolutely, but not now. I keep reading in the press that I’m desperate for another baby. I don’t know what Jaime Pressly they are talking about because it’s not this Jaime Pressly!”

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  • Shirilicious

    Oh goodness! Why do some women jump from man to man and with every new one it’s like they haven’t lived before? Wasn’t she saying those same things when she was with her son’s dad and actually when her son was born? She has been with her husband for a very short time before they married, so please, Jaime, do yourself and us a favour and try living with somebody for more than a couple of years and then come back and tell how complete you are. But I guess by then it will be another man who’s “completing” you.

    • Anonymous

      Perfectly said.

  • Anonymous

    yeah wow how dare she gush about being married … you bad newly wed you jaime !!! i think its hilarious how people (mainly women imagine that!) get so catty about jaime
    she never said any of this about her EX BOYFRIEND whom she knew for 9 years so get some facts straight before you get your claws out ladies 😉 have a nice day

    • Shirilicious

      It isn’t that she is gushing about being married, who wouldn’t. She might not have used the same words back when she was with her EX FIANCE, but I remember when announcing her last engagement she said something along the lines “you know when you know, he’s the one” and after having her son that she definitely wants more children (I was assuming with the same guy).
      Please remember, last year at the same time around she was still engaged to her ex. I wish her all the best, but I wouldn’t bet any money on this marriage. And that’s what I find hypocritical.

  • Anonymous

    No sorry no just no being a fan of Jaime for a long time now I have noticed one huge difference between when she was with Eric & how she is now, she never ever gushed about eric, I always got them impression they were best friends more so anything else & it shocked me to see her so happy & openly in love with her now husband so wind your neck in & stop giving her such a hard time & for what exactly?
    I’ve noticed alot of women give this woman a hard time when she to me seems to be an incredible mom & woman (read her damn book)
    I personally love how she keeps her life with her son totally private but Jaime doing good is never what women ever want to report or comment on as far as I can see.
    Just give her a break for god sake, how hard do you think it would be to stay with someone that partys as a job every damn night all over when she herself is a self descibed homebody
    Nobody.. not even me knows what happened there but I damn well never sit here being bitchy towards any woman for moving on & finding love so get over yourself already, shes hardly a man a minute type person.
    Also when you plan on being with someone for life you don’t really say oh yes sure we will have more kids if we are still together do you now?
    S**t happens things dont work out but she deserves to move on & give her kid a happy home if things were not working out with the babys father.

  • Shirilicious

    Why are you so riled up? Just because my opinion differs from yours? Stop lecturing me with such crap like “wind your neck in” and “read her damn book”.

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