Guess Who Revealed: Kendra Wilkinson!

Guess Who Revealed: Kendra Wilkinson!

It’s none other than expectant mom Kendra Wilkinson!

The mom-to-be posted the above adorable picture of herself on her official Web site and added that she can’t wait to celebrate Halloween with Hank Jr.:

Hi guys!!! The best holiday of the year is just two days away and i thought it would be fun to share some old school halloween pics from when i was little! I love the one of me when i was a baby with the pumpkin bucket lol. It reminds me of how excited i am for my lil angel to arrive so i can dress him up in adorable costumes!!! I guess i just have to hold in my excitement until next halloween haha.
This year i think hank and i are just going to lay low in our pj’s and watch scary movies and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. What are all of your plans for halloween???”

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  • Ashley

    It’s Kendra Wilkinson :)

  • melanie1983

    michelle williams? lol

  • Fran

    AnnaLynne McCord

  • Anonymous

    i really don’t know… I’m inclined to go with Ashley’s guess of Kendra Wilkinson.

    I’m kind of resentful that my parents made me wear those really cheapo vinyl costumes with the thin papery plastic masks that broke after ten minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Kendra Wilkinson for sure

  • Anonymous

    my first thought was also: kendra wilkinson

  • Valentina

    Kendra for sure!!!

  • Kimmie

    Kendra Wilkinson?

  • Renee

    it’s kendra… she posted this on her blog a few days ago!

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