Victoria Beckham & Her Basketball Boys

Victoria Beckham & Her Basketball Boys

Love Vicky’s new ‘do! David Beckham, wife Victoria Beckham and two of their sons – Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 4 – were spotted enjoying the LA Lakers game on Friday (October 30). Cruz – who wore a shirt that read “Born to be Bad” – hammed it up for the paps as usual. Even Victoria just about broke a smile at her silly boys!

Two nights later, David took their eldest boy, Brooklyn, 10, to the LA Lakers game. The father-son duo were seen having a cuddle and kiss. How sweet!

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Photo credit: Splash

  • melanie1983

    soo good to see them! i love this family!!

  • Lioness

    She looks beautiful, but seems very shallow to me. Always posing, seems a bit boring. Why not let us see you be human for once? Boys are so cute, love Cruz’s mohawk. And David… I mean, I think he gets better-looking with age. Hot!!!

  • Shirilicious

    Seriously, is Victoria ever smiling? And those heels look somewhat ridiculous for that occasion. Her kids are gorgeous.

  • Alice

    Well does she HAVE to dress “down”? She’s the only woman in her house, if she wants to be all dolled up at all times, good for her. I wouldn’t wear heels in this occasion either but they do look nice. I think if she was shallow she wouldn’t attend the game just to be with her kids. David can take care of two boys. She comes off as very preoccupied by her appearance but she’s always running around with those (gorgeous) kids so I give her brownie points for that!

  • Anonymous

    You don’t get those happy, smiling and fairly well-behaved kids without Mom doing something right. Why should I care that she likes high heels, they’re not my feet.


    This is the best looking family in Hollywood in my opinion. They should do the world a favor and have some more gorgeous kids! & Victory does dress fancy all the time but she has to! Its part of her look as a celebrity and fashion icon, she’s Posh duh! Lol

  • Anonymous

    These boys are so gorgeous, I’m glad they’re finally having individual haircuts 😉

  • Lioness

    I see nothing wrong with the way she’s dressed- as I said, she looks beautiful. But she is ALWAYS posing, it just bores me. Boring, boring, boring, makes her look like she’s trying very hard, all the time. She doesn’t have to, she already looks fabulous!! Just relax!!

  • Anonymous

    such precious picture…its so funny

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  • Anonymous

    why is she so bitchy all the time? never smiles…
    i never even seen her teeth.

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