Suri Cruise Is A Movie Set Munchkin

Suri Cruise Is A Movie Set Munchkin

Suri Cruise spent some quality time with her mom, Katie Holmes, on the set of Katie’s newest film, The Romantics, in Long Island, New York on Thursday (November 5). Suri held onto a stuffed animal wearing a cute dress and flats during their visit. As she departed with the nanny, Suri skipped away in her infamous heels.

Suri – and those heels! – along with mama Katie and papa Tom Cruise have recently been in Boston while Tom has been filming Wichita.

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  • GreenEyesFreckles87

    God, she is so beautiful! And it’s so wonderful to see her hair pulled back, it looks great up in a ponytail, and that butterfly clip is too cute! Her outfit’s adorable as well.

  • Anonymous

    Hope that squirrel isn’t stuck in an electronic incident!

  • cat vomite

    finally they put her hair back instead of having it cover her face all the time

  • lig

    does she ever look cute! but….i just have to say it… it is COLD here in the northeast and whoever is standing next to her is wearing a parka!!

  • Anonymous

    somebody has daddys nose!!!!
    (in a good way people!)

  • Mill and Mia

    Suri’s dress is super cute! Made by indie Australian children’s clothing designer “Mill and Mia”

  • Katrina

    and her legs are also completely bare.. must not be too frigid…

  • Anon1

    She is such a beautiful little girl. I guess the heels are a treat for her when she behaves well.

  • Anonymous

    LOL Anon!!!

  • Lioness

    Suri looks very cute in these pics, I like the hairstyle

  • Anonymous

    Finally they put her hair back.
    Katie has on a parka but suri has no coat on.
    The heels again….need I say more?

  • Anonymous

    I know everyone hated her hair in her face all the time but is it just me or is Suri seriously way worse looking now we can see her whole face? She really does have daddys nose. And the mapother women are not exactly classic beauties. I like her ausie clothes though, all the seed, walnut and Mill&Mia she has been wearing! Its so funny seeing all our (australian brand) clothes on a Hollywood kid!

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