Nicole Kidman & Her Big City Babe

Nicole Kidman & Her Big City Babe

Nicole Kidman and her 1-year-old daughter Sunday Rose braved a rainy evening in New York City tonight as they headed out. The mother-daughter duo must have been headed somewhere special – they both seem to be all dressed up!

Nicole, who is married to country star Keith Urban, recently talked to GQ magazine about returning to work on her upcoming film Nine after the birth of Sunday last year:

I’d just given birth, so I was like, ‘OK, I’m still a woman – I want to do this film! And I do have a life other than simply feeding this baby.’ I think when you give birth you get itchy to get back to work and you want to feel life still goes on.”

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  1. Anonymous

    It seems like there are so many baby girls who look just like their dads! Sunday seems to be all Keith!

    I’ve warmed up to the name Sunday for a baby who was born on a Monday. It reminds me of the Sheryl Crow song, “Every Day is a Winding Road,” with the lyric: “He’s got a daughter he calls Easter. She was born on a Tuesday night.” I like that song a lot.

  2. fanny

    Sunday is so cute!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Wow, Nicole looks fantastic, so beautiful and elegant. Sunday is just so adorable.

  4. Anonymous

    Kind of a strange comment from somebody who claimed she couldn’t wait to have a child & thought she never would. Going back to work after only 4 weeks? Sometimes I just don’t understand her.

  5. Kati

    Sunday is a really cute little girl! She´s gonna be a beauty just like her mum Nicole. I´ve been a big fan of Nicole´s for years. She is one of my many favorite women in Hollywood in addition of Angelina Jolie, Marcia Cross and Jennifer Garner to name a few. All those gorgeous women are not just beautiful but also very good mothers. Their daughters will one day compete which one of them will be the queen of Hollywood. LOL. Sunday´s dress is just adorable. No offens to Nicole´s ex-husbands´s Tom Cruise´s daughter Suri but Sunday is much prettier. She also seems to be down-to-earth just like her mum Nicole and dad Keith Urban.

  6. Anonymous

    Isn’t she precious? i am a big fan of Nicole Kidman and i just look forward to seeing her and her family.

  7. Mara

    I don’t get her either, but babies boost careers and visibility.

  8. Anonymous

    Sunday is so adorable.

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t understand either why you would feel this rush back to work BUT I imagine since the last time she had kids ie Bella nad Connor she pretty much stayed at home with them while they were little and maybe feels that this impacted on her career…and so when she had Sunday tthat brought those memories back and she was proving to herself that she could have both. Of course, personally I think its wacko logic and that short of putting food on the table NOTHING justifies mothers not spending any moment they can with a small infant, but people are different.

  10. love

    Such a cute girl !!!

  11. Jane

    Strange comment! Nicole looks fabulous!

  12. Anonymous

    Sunday is so beautiful! look her dress

  13. Anonymous

    Such a beautiful little girl. She is really growing up. Love her sweet little dress and tights. So cute!

  14. Tracey

    I’m glad she’s gone back to red hair. I never liked her with blond hair.

  15. Anonymous

    nicole looks PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!! wow!!! i know that she’s had a lot of work done and people were saying a couple weeks ago that her face was looking weird but if that’s the case whatever she has had done has really “settled” and she looks great…. like isla fisher’s big sister or something.

    and i agree with whoever said it, you can really tell in these pictures because it’s nicole that is holding her, SUNDAY IS KEITH’S MINI-ME!!! all the way!!! i think once her hair grows out a little more and she gets a little older she will be a beautiful little girl-not that she’s not now, all children are beautiful and so huggable and loveable-but you know what i mean…..

  16. sboy295
  17. Anonymous

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