Jason Bateman & His Girls Express Themselves

Jason Bateman & His Girls Express Themselves

Jason Bateman, wife Amanda Anka and their adorable 3-year-old daughter Francesca attended the P.S. Arts Express Yourself event in Santa Monica on Sunday (November 15).

The 40-year-old Arrested Development star says he can’t get enough of his sweet daughter: “I just like to throw her around. She’s a real good snuggler and she likes to give kisses and hugs. And her neck smells fantastic! You just want to ball her up and stuff her in your pocket. I’m doing all that until she gets too big and doesn’t want to kiss her dad anymore.”

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  • Jane

    Francesca is adorable!

  • twins-on-the-way

    The darling girl is stunning, she has a great smile, beautiful jaw structure and curls to die for! Ahh, to have those curls…

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