Ben Affleck Is A Doting Daddy

Ben Affleck Is A Doting Daddy

Such a sweet pair! Proud papa Ben Affleck picked up his adorable 4-year-old daughter Violet from preschool in Santa Monica on Wednesday (December 2). The father daughter duo looked so happy to be reunited as they walked to the car.

Violet has been loving her daddy days! Ben has been seen doing the school run since his recent return from Boston, where he was working on his new flick The Town.

Ben and his wife Jennifer Garner are also parents to 10-month-old daughter Seraphina.

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Photo credit: Flynet / Fame

  • Desiree

    Such cute pics!!

  • carolyn

    Ahh, so adorable! These two are just the cutest together. :)

  • Vivien Leigh

    Wow…Bens little Geena Davis…

  • vivien leigh

    Geena Davis!Geena Davis!

  • Anonymous

    Does that kid never walk?

  • Anonymous

    Yes she does walk when she is with Mommy!!! Did you see the pix of Jen
    picking up Vi yesterday and they were walking to the car..And now Jen
    lets her walk everywhere..

  • Anonymous

    9:19 am yes she does walk when she is with her mom Jen..
    Thanks celebrity baby scoop again for the pix of how happy
    Vi is when he picks her up from school..

  • Anonymous

    Violet does walk when it is safe to do so.

    There is a picture of Jen, Seraphina and Grandma Affleck picking up Violet from school on another site. (Violet is walking in the pic). The pic shows about 25 or more photags running around them in the school parking lot. These paparazzi where even right ON their car. They didn’t move until Jen walked around the back of the car to get to the other side to put Sera in her baby sit (She could not get around the front of the car, because they would not let her). You could tell this pic was taken by a paparazzi who could not get a good spot in the crowd so he was behind Jen taking what ever he could get.

    Violet is 4 years old. I would not let my kid walk with all that rushing and pushing going around her. You know, Ben is NOT going to let the paparazzi get too close to his baby girls. Ben will probably carry Violet when he feels she is in danger of getting bumped, pushed even hurt by all these strangers running around her.

    • Anonymous

      I was going to say the same thing about safety. It’s the same reason we rarely see Britney’s boys walking. When there are throngs of strange men around trying to get a picture of you, it can get very dangerous.

  • melanie1983

    always a photoshoot with these two. and i LOVE it!

  • Janie

    Beautiful photos of father and daughter!

    Violet is absolutely adorable!

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