Jenny McCarthy: Just Call Me Grandma!

Jenny McCarthy: Just Call Me Grandma!

Actress, activist, spokesperson, author and mom Jenny McCarthy will soon be going by a new title: Grandma!

The Belly Laughs star talks to Access Hollywood about her longtime boyfriend Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane’s pregnancy, saying, “[Jim] just said to me, ‘If I’m a grandpa, that makes you a grandma….’ I’m soon to be a grandma! So that’s interesting. 37 [years old], I get to be called ‘Grandma.’”

Jenny, who is mom to 7-year-old son Evan, says she’ll happily take on the new title: “I’m going to try to keep in shape and youthful, so ‘Grandma’ sounds pretty good.”

She also revealed how close she’s become to Jane, 21: “I’d consider her my daughter. I love her to pieces.”

Jane and her husband Alex Santana are expecting a baby boy in March.

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  1. Anonymous

    Jane already married Alex a few weeks ago, so he’s not her fiance, but her husband.

  2. melanie1983

    haha, omg that’s weird!

  3. Kylie

    That’s adorable.

  4. antigoniem

    Love her shoes.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow Jen, have some issues with your mother or something? There’s nothing wrong with a child being loved by many and maybe it was Jane’s idea to have Jenny be “Grandma”. Get over yourself.

  6. Jen

    No, she’s Grandpa’s girlfriend. Not Grandma. I am so tired of these idiots giving themselves titles they don’t deserve.

  7. Gigohead

    I want to call me Grandma too. i remember seeing Jane as a chubby little girl with Jim and now she is this beautiful woman with a baby. The baby is coming real soon too!


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