Guess Who Revealed: Roman Keitel!

Guess Who Revealed: Roman Keitel!

It’s Harvey Keitel‘s 6-year-old son, Roman! The father-son duo were spotted in New York City on Wednesday (December 9).

Roman’s mom is Harvey’s wife, fellow actress Daphne Kastner. The 70-year-old Pulp Fiction star also has a 24-year-old daughter, Stella, with actress Lorraine Bracco and a son Hudson, 8, with Lisa Karmazi.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is Rachel Weisz’s son that big yet? That’s my guess for now.

  2. Anonymous

    I take back the Henry Aronofsky guess, actually. This kid looks so familiar, but I can’t place him at the moment.

  3. hismama628

    the older guy on csi miami…is this his son?

  4. Anonymous

    Looks a bit like Skeet Ulrich…

  5. Anonymous

    Is it a Consuelos?

  6. Deb

    It’s Harvey Keitel’s son Roman. I only know this because…if you right-click on the picture and select image properties,it says who it is by the image description. That has happened several times before in the Guess Who? posts;not on all of them but most of them!!

  7. Anonymous

    I thought Skeet too


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