Tom Brady: It’s “Back To The Drawing Board” For Baby Boy’s Name

Tom Brady: It’s “Back To The Drawing Board” For Baby Boy’s Name

Baby Bündchen-Brady is nearly a week old, but his parents haven’t quite been able to settle on a name.

Tom Brady, 32, and Gisele Bündchen, 29, had previously decided on a name for their little bundle, but just prior to the arrival of her son the new mom had a ‘change of heart’.

“It’s kind of back to the drawing board,” said Tom in an interview on WEEI Sports Radio. “We thought we had a name picked out for about six months and then about two days before he was born she said, ‘I don’t like that name anymore.’”

The proud dad, who had to return to his quarterbacking for the New England Patriots shortly after the birth, says that he and Gisele need more time at home together before they’ll be able to choose a name.

“She makes all the decisions,” he jokes. “I haven’t been home all week. We have about seven or either choices. I have got to e home for more than just two-three hours so we can talk about it.”

Tom goes on to say that “it will probably be a traditional [name]” and that though he’s perfectly fine with picking a Brazilian name as a nod to Gisele’s heritage, he has one condition: “I certainly want a name that I can pronounce!”

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  1. Anonymous

    Anna, he says he’s been home a few hours a day, just not been home that much…. it’s not like a newborn NEEDS it’s father all that much in the first week anyways.

  2. Anna

    I don’t understand people that have children and than never see them. He misses huge parts of his first sons life because he doesn’t live with him and now he choses to do the same with his newborn.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not exactly a choice. He doesn’t have much control over the hours he has to be with the Patriots. Football is his job. What should he do, quit the team?

  3. Romeo Blue

    Anna, Tom Brady was never been a man of class or dignity or his wife for that matter so anything they do doesn’t surprise me. How can someone be pregnant for 9 months, give birth and still don’t have a name picked out??? How stupid can people be? Like they say, money doesn’t buy class.

  4. Anonymous

    Does he really talk this way?! I never thought he was smart, but he sounds downright illiterate…

    “We THOUGH we had a name picked out for about six MONTH and then about two days before he was born she said, ‘I don’t like that name anymore.’”

  5. Janie

    Anna, your comment is totally uncalled for. You know nothing about Tom Brady. Mind your own business! He has to travel for his job! Worry about your own life!

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t understand what’s going on here
    ““She makes all the decisions,” he jokes. “I haven’t been home all week. We have about seven or EITHER choices. I have got to E home for more than just two-three hours so we can talk about it.””

  7. Anonymous

    Even with the typos corrected, he doesn’t sound very bright. And I agree that he should be able to find time to spend with his wife and new baby. His team should support him in doing so — there are other quarterbacks who often fill in, in the case of injuries. Why should family situations like this be less important?

    I bet Giselle was banking on having a girl, like every other celebrity, and that’s why they don’t have a boy name…

  8. Lioness

    Anna, that’s a pretty harsh judgment, don’t you think? It’s not exactly his choice that he isn’t home. It’s not like he works in an office building somewhere; he’s an NFL football player- a quarterback, no less, and a hugely successful one at that. Until the season is over, he has to travel, a LOT- it’s part of his job. Not like he can just say “I’m taking a vacation for a few weeks, you guys play the standby quarterback and risk losing the rest of the games in the season”. And Gisele knows that. Cut the guy a break, geez.

  9. Anonymous

    give them a break people! sometimes it’s hard to choose a name! We didn’t name our son for a few days after he was born mostly because we couldn’t agree on one. We finally came up with a family name we both had thrown around during my pregnancy but I wasn’t sold on it til we had him in our arms and got to know our child a little.

  10. Sonya

    Romeo Blue – you might want to think before posting. There are other people out there reading this (and just to note Tom and Giselle aren’t among them), so I’d thank you not to call me and my husband stupid for wanting to actually meet our kids before naming them.
    Funny, no one called Toby Maguire stupid when it took him and his wife 2 weeks to name Otis.

  11. Mom

    Haven’t you people thought that maybe they don’t want the public to know the baby’s name just yet? The media reports every move these two make and just maybe, they want to keep something private and just for their family to know for just a little while.

  12. Anna

    They have millions! If he wanted to stay at home and be with his family he could. But apparently he doesn’t want to.

  13. Marie Rochefort

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  17. salope

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