Roger Federer Shares A Family Photo

Roger Federer Shares A Family Photo

Tennis pro Roger Federer shared a new pic of his gorgeous girls Charlene and Myla, 5 months tomorrow, on Facebook today, along with a message to his fans.

Many friends and fans have asked for an updated picture of our girls so we thought we’d post this picture for the holiday season. Our entire family wishes you a safe and happy 2010!”

The twins are the first kids for Roger and his wife Mirka. “This is the greatest day of our lives,” the proud papa gushed when the girls were born in July.

What a beautiful family!

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Photo credit: Facebook


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  1. Anonymous

    yay roger! are the girls identical?

  2. Sonya

    Yes, I believe Roger has said that they’re identical in an interview. Can’t wait to see them growing up, I don’t think we have any identical celebrity twins.

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  5. Todd

    Cute girls. They’re identical. I wish I can also have twin girls. :)


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