Sunday Urban Is A Barefoot Babe

Sunday Urban Is A Barefoot Babe

Sunday Rose Urban arrived at the Sydney home of her grandparents, Antony and Janelle Kidman, with a female relative on Wednesday (December 30). The adorable 17-month-old daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban looked ready for the warm Aussie weather in her short sleeves and bare feet.

On Christmas Day, Nicole and her family were spotted enjoying the warm weather on a balcony together.

The 42-year-old Days of Thunder star – who is also mom to Isabella, 17, and Connor, 14, with ex-husband Tom Cruise – recently said that she cannot be separated from baby Sunday.

I just can never be away from her, so she comes wherever I go, as you see. Have baby, will travel. She’s OK (on planes), but honestly, we stay in Nashville a lot. That’s why I don’t work that much.”

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  1. Anonymous

    This is not to be rude at all but I was just wondering if anyone knows if Sunday may have a mild case of downsyndrome?

  2. Anonymous

    Oh for crying out loud! Are you kidding me?

    The question I want to know is…where is Keith’s family????? He used to be so close to them. Now it’s rare that you hear about them seeing Keith. Keith said that BOTH families were going to be together for Christmas. It’s clear from all the photos we’ve seen that it didn’t happen.

    • Cabo

      Clear? So by looking at pictures taken by paparazzi you can see clearly how the lives of these people are? I wouldn’t. These are only pictures taken at some time during the day. We don’t know what happened the rest of that day, or where they went and who they saw or who will they see tomorrow. I think it’s unfair to judge or draw conclusions of the life of some people based on only paparazzi pics.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe his family just doesnt want to be seen by the media as much?
    She is adorable

  4. Anonymous

    She’s so cute!

  5. Anonymous

    Well of course they would still love her Jennifer. That was a very catty statement.

  6. Anonymous


  7. Cabo

    No. She looks like Keith Urban, which i don’t meant to say it in a rude way at all either.

  8. Anonymous

    She has a birth mark and thats it. It is often referred to as a strawberrry. And just because we don’t see her smile a lot doesn’t mean something is wrong with her. Lots of kids do that. She is adorable and obviously very loved by both parents.

  9. Anonymous

    What a sicko question! Sunday is adorable! She looks like her daddy and has curls like her mommy! Get a life, haters.

  10. Jennifer

    No it was not a “catty” statement. I am simply tired of posters on different sites asking if she has Down Syndrome when she doesn’t. To me that is a very rude thing to constantly ask whether a child has a disability or not because it doesn’t matter she is still their child.

  11. Anonymous

    There are photos and even video of Sunday online where she is very animated, curious and smilling. I guess those photos don’t get websites/blogs many hits so they don’t use them. She is a very healthy and normal child.

  12. Anonymous

    Before Sunday was born, Keith fans were all hoping she gets her dad’s eyes. I never understood this because they look kind of sleepy and Nicole’s best feature are her eyes. Well the fans got their wish, unfortunetely make her look a bit dopey at times. Not that she is, it’s just that when she’s not animated that’s what she looks like. Very much like her dad.

  13. Tazina

    Because she is not smiling and isn’t looking at the camera you think she has Down’s Syndrome. Why would you even ask such a ridiculous question? Give your dumb head a shake!

  14. Anonymous

    Sunday Rose is an absolutely gorgeous child and Nicole dresses her so cute. Obviously she is the apple of her parents’ eyes and in every way exhibits all signs of a perfectly normal and happy child. I swear some people are so laking in social skills and have no clue as to how to behave in polite society.

  15. M.E

    Is it because she has her mouth open all the time? Hm then I guess Shiloh has down syndrome as well. Get real people, congrats for insulting a baby!

  16. Anonymous

    If you’ve ever actually seen a child with Down’s, you’d realize that Sunday doesn’t have it. Children with Down’s have a very defined look, right from the time they are born. It’s very noticeable.

  17. Anonymous

    You can’t get ‘mild down syndrome’ by the way; either you have it or you don’t

  18. Anonymous

    You can’t actually have a ‘mild’ case of down syndrome; either you have it or you don’t.

  19. Karrie

    Sunday is just so cute! I just love this celeb family, because they seem so normal and down to earth! To the haters, get a life!!!!!

  20. melanie1983

    She’s definitely grown into her looks and become a beauuutifullittle girl!

  21. nicoleC

    she is so lovely

  22. Anonymous

    I don’t think that she got good look from either of her parents. Some kids are just not as cute..she is one of them..but as long as she is heathy and thriving, it’s all good!

  23. Anonymous

    Down syndrome? How mean!! Very bad things happen to meanies!!

  24. Anonymous

    I love Keith and Nicole a lot and I think Sunday is adorable, but I deep down thought she might have a slight case of autism and not Downs. I know she actually looks older than what she is because Nicole said she was off the charts tall like her and maybe that’s why she doesn’t show much emotion. I’m not being mean, but that thought did cross my mind. I definitely hope she is a healthy child, but I can’t help but think that when seeing her pictures. I’m not being mean, just honest with my thoughts.

  25. Kati

    OMG! Sunday is just ADORABLE! I find it very offensive when one says that Sunday looks like she has Down´´s Syndrome. She most definitely doesn´t have it. The same thing was said about Shiloh Jolie-Pitt when she was younger. And look at her now! She is an adorable 3 1/2 years old girl. Sunday has her dad´s nose and mum´s beautiful curly hair. She´s gonna be a beauty just like her mum when she grows up. Sunday is so adorable that I would love to hug her! I´m sure that her parents are trying to raise her to be as down-to-earth as possible. She is anti-Suri. No offense to Suri but I much rather look pics of Sunday – and other celeb kids – who are very down-to earth and wear normal clothes. I´ve never seen Suri wearing jeans and T-shirt. Maybe she wants to dress up like that but I much rather watch Sunday than Suri. They both are beautiful little girls but sooo different.


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