Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick’s Beverly Hills Boy

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's Beverly Hills Boy

Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend Scott Disick were spotted heading into a medical building with their 4-week-old son, Mason, in Los Angeles on Thursday (January 14). The trio then headed to lunch in Beverly Hills, keeping baby Mason covered up the whole time.

The 30-year-old reality TV starlet recently said that motherhood is the perfect fit.

I’m just loving all the time with him. I really don’t miss my old life. I can’t imagine life without Mason now.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Janie

    Scott looks like he is wearing a woman’s sweater! He is pathetic!

  • Rebekah

    Okay her saying “I really dont miss my old life”. Thats just weird to me Because 1: It does sound like she misses it. number 2 she cant complain because how old is the baby? like 3 weeks. i think the both of them are weird ppl.imo of course. they are just attention seeking fame *hores. ugh what has happend to society i iwish therre was none of this. i really dont mean to rant about this kind of meaningless crap. i just dont understand any of this. am i alone here??

  • Hannah

    Parenthood suits Kourtney, I love both her shows and hope they will show Mase in the new season.

  • Janie

    Rebekah, I totally agree with you. These Kardashians are pathetic nobodys. They are attention seeking *whores. The mom Kris seems like the worst out of all of them. They are trash!

  • Anonymous

    Rebekah, I aggree… Who are they anyway ? Their father was a lawyer for OJ Simpson, I think? I know the family was good friends with him.
    That makes them famous? Or the fact that their mother married Bruce Jenner? All that combined makes a reality show? I guess that’s what TV has become.
    Let’s see how much she misses her old life when her sisters want to go party and she wants to go too.

  • Shy

    To be honest, I actually like the Kardashians. There show is pretty decent. I cannot understand how people (like those HILLS ppl) can get movie scripts with no talent just because they had a reality show. I should stop now. I don’t want to be accused of being a hater.

    CONGRATS Kourtney!!!

  • Anonymous

    just dont read it. its not that hard. move the mouse arrow past the link to kardashians and click on something else. it can be difficult but im sure you will get the hang of it eventually.

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