Shauna Sand & Her Shopgirls

Shauna Sand & Her Shopgirls

Playboy model and occasional actress, Shauna Sand, brought two of her daughters – Alexandra, 12, and Isabella, who turns 8 next month – along for a shopping trip to Steven & Co. Jewelers in Beverly Hills on Thursday (January 14). Shauna’s 10-year-old daughter Victoria was not seen with the trio. The girls’ father is Shauna’s ex-husband, Leave it to Lamas star Lorenzo Lamas.

Shauna can now add porn star to her resume. The 39-year-old mother of three recently decided to let Vivid Entertainment distribute her personal sex video, Shauna Sand Exposed, at a party hosted for her at Rick’s Cabaret-NYC on January 12.

At first I was outraged when I heard that a third party had given Vivid my personal and intimate video and I was ready to sue,” says Shauna. “This was a video that I made with my ex-boyfriend for our personal pleasure. But, I finally decided to take control and work with Vivid on the distribution. I’m so glad I did…I was proud of the footage when it was taken and I still feel good about it. I’m 39 years old, I’m in great shape, and I look forward to being in love again.”

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  1. lig

    that’s interesting.

  2. musiclover

    Ugh…I am sure her kids are so proud to have her as their mom =(

  3. bink

    I agree, musiclover. The girls are at or approaching the age where mom/dad are not so cool anymore….she’ll just embarass the heck out
    of those poor girls. The lips……

  4. Anonymous

    Completely agree with you Janie. She’s so foul!

  5. Janie

    She is a disgusting pig! I feel so sorry for her daughters – having her as a role model! She is trash!

  6. Alice

    Her daughters are gorgeous and always dressed so nicely (for their age).
    But Shauna… she’s just outrageous. I can’t believe she’s actually defending her choice to SELL a personal sex video. Poor girls.

  7. Jem

    Her daughters are so pretty! I really hope they choose another path in life then their mother….

  8. Anonymous

    She looks a mess!! I feel sorry for her kids poor things!!

  9. Molly

    Eww… thats all I have to say lol


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