Brad Pitt Buys The House Next Door

Brad Pitt Buys The House Next Door

When you have six kids, well you better have a whole lot of running around room. Brad Pitt apparently knows this very well and has just made a real estate purchase to expand the family’s compound in the hills of Los Feliz in Los Angeles.

Brad bought the house next door for $1.1 million. The home is a 3,232-square foot 20’s era home that has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and even has a secret cave! It was originally $2 but it was reduced to $1.495. But Brad, he got it for just $1.1 million. Check out photos of him and Angelina’s new house at
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Photo credit: INF 1/06/10


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  1. Anonymous

    Look at those sticks coming out of Angelina’s boots! Yuck.

  2. HouseLover

    I think this is the house Brad has had his eye on for many years. It has that huge ballroom with a high vaulted ceiling. I think it’s the one where the old man lived and it was pretty much on Brad’s compound.

    It’s an incredible property and I believe Brad has been renovating it since this summer. I hope they show the renovation in a magazine like they did with the mid-century house on their property Brad renovated for offices. That was art.

  3. Anon1

    Hmmmm, may be he wants to be near the kids when they split. Those two are dunzo.


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