Billy Burke’s Stroller Sweetheart

Billy Burke's Stroller Sweetheart

Billy Burke, 43, was spotted leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday with his wife, Pollyanna Rose, and their adorable daughter, Bluesy Larou, 17-months.

Billy, who is best known for his portrayal of Charlie Sawn in the Twilight series, recently told that he hopes his daughter is just like Kristen Stewart‘s character, Bella Swan:

Bella’s got an old soul, and I think that I’m already recognizing things that might be looking like an old soul in my kid right now — and I would like that. I would like her to be a worldly person. I would like her to help me along the way, because parenthood is something that I never even expected to be involved in, and I’m going to need all the help that I can get.

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  1. Sophia

    Bluesy Larou! That is quite a name! Bluesy is kinda cute, though it sort of reminds me of bruises and booze. She sure is a little honey though :)


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