Sean Combs Gives Son A $360,000 Birthday Gift

Sean Combs Gives Son A $360,000 Birthday Gift

Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs spared no expense for his son Justin Dior‘s 16th birthday.

The rapper threw a star-studded bash for the boy this weekend at M2 Ultralounge club in New York – which will be featured on an upcoming episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 – where he presented him with the keys to a car. And not just any car: A brand new silver Maybach that reportedly retails for a whopping $360,000!

Diddy also gave Justin a $10,000 cheque to open his own bank account, though the lucky teen has decided instead to donate the entire amount to aid Haiti in the aftermath of this month’s devastating earthquake.

“I’m just ecstatic right now,” Justin told US at the extravagant bash. “Words can’t even describe how I feel. I’m so blessed and thankful for all of this.”

As for Diddy, he says he’s impressed by how his son “has grown and matured … how well-behaved he is; how respectful of a kid he is. It just makes me proud.”

What do you think of Diddy’s pricey present?

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  • rachel s

    that’s hard for me to say if I agree with P.Diddy’s gift. His child’s lifestyle is totally different from say mine. Maybe $350,000.00 gift would be like me giving my son $35.00. It’s a tough call to judge appropriately.

  • Mirdeb

    Idiot, if I was Diddy or Pidlle or whatever he calls himself.. time to start saving those benjamins…

  • antigoniem

    I’m just glad Justin made the right decision to help the Hatian earthquake victims. Oh and the maybach was black not silver.

    • Anonymous

      What planet are they on…

      he gets a $360,000 CAR, yes a car that will depreciate instantly and can easily be totalled. Yet he gives a measly $10,000 to Haiti….wow. Thanks. How about you give him a $60,000, which is still totally AWESOME for a 16 YEAR OLD and donate the remaining $310,000 to Haiti. And people wonder why the world hates America?

  • Lioness

    A Maybach?? I don’t know- even if it were Bill Gates, it seems incredibly lavish- what’s a 16-yr-old going to do with that big-ass luxury car? What’s he got to work towards? Why do it- just to show you can??

  • Anonymous

    I love Diddy. He has always seemed involved and committed to his kids. I think the fact that a teen would give his entire birthday check to charity shows how he is being raised. Sounds like he already has a good head on his shoulders.

  • Janie

    Just another example of how money does NOT buy class!

  • Joanne

    Could he please adpot me?

  • Divine

    Although I have a great deal of respect for Diddy and the empire he has worked so hard to create, I do believe coupling a $360,000 “car” with a $10,000 check was probably a bit insensitive. To me, it seems like a calculated PR tactic to say to the world, “Hey, I’m not just some spoiled, rich American kid who has no regard for the less fortunate so I’ll donate my pocket change to Haiti!” He should pull his PR person or whoever gave him the idea to the side and fire them. Hundreds of thousands have loss their lives and even more are still suffering tremendously and to give $10,000 to a cause of this magnitude while simultaneously giving your son a car that costs 36 times that amount that he may not even drive (as I’m sure he has a personal driver) just doesn’t sit too well with me. Diddy, you’re a smart man so think long and hard the next time you decide to have your kids publicly give to a charity.

    • antigoniem

      So are you going to jump down the people’s throat who are only $5 or $10.

    • Lioness

      I thought the same thing, Divine, well-put. Antigoniem, I’m not sure what you’re getting at- comparing Puff Daddy to the hundreds of thousands of other significantly less affluent people who are literally just giving what they can seems silly to me. Divine raises a very good point- make no mistake that PR had a lot to do with the $10,000 check that was donated. If you’re going to do it, do it right- donate an amount at least equivalent to the car, if nothing else, and he can definitely afford to…

  • lig

    too much, too expensive, too flashy, too ostentatious, too in your face, too extravagant…. too much!! IMHO

  • Anonymous

    I find it encouraging that he gave his $10000 to Haitian victims, but still accepts a $360,000 car! If you’re going to spend money on a CAR, perhaps buy a cheaper one (doesn’t $10,000 buy something decent that drives around) and perhaps give the $360,000 to Haiti????

    • Liron

      He didn’t have to donate the $10k, but he did. That’s admirable from a teenager. There are probably a lot of rich kids that didn’t even donate a dollar.

  • Katrina

    simple fact is he isn’t required to give money to haiti no matter how much he has or spends. Its his money and no one is obligated to give money to the needy. There are ALWAYS needy people, always a disaster, etc somewhere. He gave something, that’s all you really need to know

  • Double J

    Waiting for the next installment when the “mature” 16 year old wraps the car around a tree on a test drive with his friends. Way too much over the top and certainly not in keeping with responsible parenting.

  • Anonymous

    His money, his decision.

    Personally, neither one of my sons will be receiving a car of any kind on their 16th birthday.

  • Anonymous

    these celebrities are just inhumane. he bought his son a 360,000 dollar car for turning 16, he cant even drive it yet thats the funny part. You have to be 18 to drive alone.

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