Poppy Montgomery On Son Jackson: “He Loves To Vacuum”

Poppy Montgomery: "Being An Actor Is Not Synonymous With Being Famous"

Poppy Montgomery – best known as Samantha Spade on TV’s Without a Trace – is hitting the small screen again in the Lifetime film, Lying to be Perfect. The 34-year-old Australian actress opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her 2-year-old adorable son Jackson, her best advice to struggling actresses, and her new “sweet romantic comedy.”

CBS: Your son Jackson is 2-years-old. Have the last two years flown by?

PM: “Absolutely! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by – it seems like just yesterday Jackson was an infant and completely dependent on me in every way. Now he’s a little man! He runs all over the house and he’s curious about everything and he’s just so smart! I’m constantly in awe of his cognitive growth.”

CBS: You were picked out of over 100 women for the role of Samantha Spade on Without A Trace. What is your best advice to struggling actresses who think they’ll never make it?

PM: “My advice is to pursue your dream with all of your heart, but to be smart and strategic about it as well. I had to work very hard to ‘make it’ in this industry, I still do! I still study with a coach, and prepare for each and every role or audition. I look at a lot of people and they just expect to be ‘discovered,’ and unfortunately that rarely happens. If you want to be an actor, you must first school yourself, and you must find a way to get an audience with people who can make decisions in this industry.”

CBS: Tell us about your TV movie coming out in February.

PM: “The movie is called Lying to be Perfect and it will premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, January 30. It’s a very sweet romantic comedy – a Cinderella story!

Here is a bit about the movie: By day, Nola Devlin (me) is an unassuming, frumpy magazine editor who is overlooked and teased by her co-workers. When the sun sets, though, and she is behind the glow and anonymity of her computer screen, she becomes the famous and ‘reclusive’ advice columnist Belinda Apple. Nola’s friends, tired of being overworked and overweight, band together to create the ‘Cinderella Pact,’ vowing to lose pounds by following the advice of their ‘fairy godmother,’ Apple. When her secret identity is threatened, Nola is forced to take her own alter-ego’s advice. But, as the group of friends drops dress sizes, their real issues are exposed, and better-than-expected life changes begin to blossom.”

CBS: You are originally from Australia. Has Jackson been to Australia yet? Are you hoping to travel there with him a lot? Or maybe move back one day?

PM: “Yes, he has been to Australia. We celebrated his first birthday on my mum’s farm with the entire family. While I don’t plan to move back, I hope to be able to visit frequently with Jackson. I have a HUGE family and it’s so much fun when we all get together. The wonderful thing is that my sister Rosie and her family live in Los Angeles. Rosie’s daughter Leila is just a few months older than Jackson and they are best of friends.”

CBS: How have you stayed out of the Hollywood spotlight so well? What is your best advice to young actresses who might be craving the limelight too much?

PM: “You know, to me being an actor is not synonymous with being famous. I am an actor because I love to act and to work. I am not an actor because I like the red carpet (in fact, I hate the red carpet and my publicist physically has to drag me to events!). I think it’s different for everyone. To me, the best night is one where I am at home with Adam and Jackson and we are making dinner and playing games and just enjoying each other.”

CBS: What kinds of things is Jackson into? What does he do to make you laugh?

PM: “What isn’t he into?! He loves to dance and play musical instruments and has this miniature guitar that he strums on. We rock out to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

He loves to vacuum with his toy vacuum, which cracks me up! He also loves to dress up and his favorite thing is pretending to be a gardener these days. We had a balloon artist at his 2nd birthday party, and instead of an animal, Jackson wanted him to make a leaf blower! He ran around the house with his ‘leaf blower’ all afternoon until it popped.”

CBS: Does Jackson ever come onto the set with you? Does he have a nanny?

PM: “Yes, Jackson has a nanny and she will bring him by set if I have to be there all day so that we can spend some time together during my breaks. We read books and go on walks during my down time.”

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