Tila Tequila: The Game Is The Father Of My Baby

Tila Tequila: The Game Is The Father Of My Baby

Tila Tequila found time between her numerous twitter updates to announce that The Game is the father of her unborn child. The Game denies that he is the father and claims that he barely knows the reality TV star. The 28-year-old Penthouse model is firing back at the rapper, RadarOnline reports.

“Game, I don’t need to bicker and fight with you love, when I know a lot of shady things about you, that I can sell you out on but I’m not. You know damn straight everything you said in that video [interview in which he denies he is the father] is a lie! Why would you do that??? But I don’t even care.”

Tila, who was engaged to the late Casey Johnson, said that there will soon be indisputable proof: “Just wait nine months for my paternity test. I’m not worried about it. Game has nine months to live out all of his fun lies. Live it up baby!”

“Nine months from now, it’s the big paternity test day! Now THAT doesn’t lie, unlike you sir.”

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  • Christina

    I thought she was suppose to be the surrogate for her brother and his wife?

  • musiclover

    She tweeted that she was going to be a surrogate and then said she was pregnant, all in the same tweet. Then she corrected herself that she wasn’t pregnant yet. Now she says she IS pregnant. I don’t think she’s really pregnant….she is just trying to stay relevent, to drag out her 15 minutes of fame. My guess is that in a couple of weeks or so, she will say she had a miscarriage. The girl needs some serious help.

  • Kediia

    Is it me or .. it looks fake …
    Like Christina said, She was supposed to be a surrogate mother ..
    So .. what’s the point …
    And why would she be so proud that the game is the father when she is ..
    engaged to whoever he is …

    Wtf is wrong with this girl … !!

  • Anonymous

    Christina: that’s what she was claiming a few weeks ago but her story seems to change daily. If she really is pregnant, any one who could possibly be the father should insist on paternity testing and whoever turns out to be the father should sue to gain full custody of the baby as it’s clear from her behavior that there’s no way she could possibly be a fit or responsible parent. BTW her comments regarding knowing lots of shady things and that she can sell him out but won’t smacks of a threat bordering on blackmail. . .

  • Maru

    ^ Who is she?

  • nanpan

    She’s legitimately crazy, right? I mean, seriously. She has to be.

  • Janie

    She has severe mental problems!

  • Francesca

    Sheesh…when are her 15 minutes of fame up?!

  • Peta

    Assuming that any of this is remotely true (and that’s a stretch), the Game would be scraping the bottom of the barrel to cheat on Christina Milian with Tila. I mean…come on! No one could be that drunk and desperate, right?

    Depending on how far along she supposedly is, Tila would have conceived somewhere in her ‘mourning period’ for Casey. Hmmm.

  • Peta

    Please delete my last comment, mods. I mistook ‘The Game’ for ‘The Dream’.

    Either way, I find it hard to believe ANYTHING Tila Tequila says.

  • Molly

    She seriously needs a therapist and I think that Celebrity Baby Scoop needs to stop putting her nonsense up on this site.

  • Anonymous

    I read in one of her twitter comments which I don’t know why I did…. but she said that her baby daddy was a 10 year Iraq war vet, then I hear it was her brothers baby and now this?? She is sick. Everything about her is pure comedy. I hope CPS is watching and will be there if or when she delivers.

  • Dana


  • Anonymous

    Does she really deserve to be on CBB?? I mean she is not anything anyone should care about. She is a troubled person, Maybe celebrity crazy blog, but not here. Really!

  • ol cranky

    why is this woman and her antics being reported by blogs and hollywood/entertainment news outlets? this continued coverage is the reason why we seem to have a bizarre epidemic of famewhore “celebrities” created by “reality” shows. . . infamy of this sort used to be an embarrassment, not a career path.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wat a waste, a fyn chick lyk tila bein gay shit! bt mr game u r the father dawg no nid to diny.

  • Anonymous

    Game is going to get enough of screwing these women then running for cover. No one will just pick a person and say they’re pregnant by them. Its obvious that they had some sexual relations… Sad situation…

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