Ricky Gervais: Irresponsible Parents Should Be Sterilized

Ricky Gervais: Irresponsible Parents Should Be Sterilized

British comedian Ricky Gervais is proposing a new method for population control: sterilizing the “stupid” people, UK’s Times Online reports.

The 48-year-old star of The Office says too many children are born into poverty and unfit situations.

It’s not too many people, it’s too many people with nothing, too many unwanted children, too many people who are poor and struggling, as opposed to too many people. If they all had a good quality of life, no one would complain. What there is, is too many useless people. Too many people who shouldn’t have children.”

Gervais’ solution involves imposing a limitation on who should be allowed to breed. “Yes, based on … stupid, fat faces,” he said. “If there’s a woman in leggings, eating chips with a fag in her mouth, sterilize her.”

Another example of irresponsible parenting: “brainwashing” by forcing religion upon one’s kids, said Gervais, an outspoken atheist.

Is Gervais a hypocrite? He is childless and has been with his partner, producer and novelist Jane Fallon, for 25 years. He said they decided against having children because it would be “too much hassle. We just didn’t fancy dedicating 16 years of our life to it,” he said. “And there are too many children, of course.”

What do you think of Ricky’s bold statements?

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  • me2

    i agree, but i dont know if i would phrase it the same way. there are definitely too many stupid people having kids and too many people who cant afford to take care of kids having them. it should be as hard to have kids naturally as it is to adopt.

  • Jack

    I don’t know about sterilizing people but I definitely think people should have to take classes and get a license to have children. You have to prove you’re capable of everything else in this world, why not having children?

  • Danielle

    Well I do agree. There are too many people in the world and it’s funny it’s always the people who really shouldn’t reproduce who seem to have 5 or 6 kids. Basically if you can’t afford to keep them you shouldn’t have them, certainly don’t go on to have several. I for one am sick of supporting other peoples children, who then go on to vandalise my car.
    Yet a friend of mine who had worked with children for 20yrs and loved kids, can’t have any of her own which is a shame and it took them ages to be able to adopt.

    • Anonymous

      Well said, Danielle. I couldn’t agree more. I think more and more people are realizing that the morons of the world are the primary reproducers. Those of us who know enough not to have 15 kids because we can’t support them are the ones who put the brakes on it. Even though birth control is available for almost free (at Planned Parenthood and various clinics locally), people just don’t seem to use it. It is also the human ego where people somehow feel the world will be better off if they reproduce little mini me’s. This is soooooooo not true in so many cases, yet the ego and in many cases, stupidity and poor family planning prevail. It is horrible and it needs to stop. The world is bursting at the seams.

      Until now, I wasn’t sure I liked Ricky Gervais, but now I know that I do and I agree with him completely (except for the athiest part).

      • NotAnonymous

        Planned Parenthood does not hand out birth control like it is candy. It is only almost free to people under a certain income limit and just because you are over that level but still not in any way middle class does not mean that you have the money to spend on birth control (any method) monthly. Try to consider that there are people in the circumstance who would like to have birth control but have to pay for food instead (and I do not mean food for their other children though that could certainly be the case). These things are not readily available to some due to that. These people are also not taught proper sex education which in term leads to more children, less money and still no birth control. Condoms, birth control, gas money and food cost money. Ask a mom or a woman just above that income level but still poor which of these she will spend her money on and sadly (probably even to her) it will not be condoms or BCPs.

  • Tazina

    I like everything he said. If they had ever wanted children, they would have adopted, but they don’t feel the need. Good on them. I love his honesty. I certainly agree about the religion, the oldest scam known to mankind and it’s done a whole lot of damage.

    • me2

      i agree about religion- the whole world is fooled.

      • NotAnonymous

        Are you sure? You could be just as fooled.

        • me2

          prove it :) i can prove my views.

          • NotAnonymous

            but can you prove that the opposite does not exist?

          • me2

            nope, and i cant prove the tooth fairy doesnt exsist either, do you believe in that too? :) you make me laugh.

          • NotAnonymous

            Who said anything about my personal beliefs? Just asked if you could prove the opposite isn’t true.

  • Janie

    This guy is obnoxious! He is not funny at all. I rented the move the Invention of Lying. It was the worst movie I ever saw. I shut it off less than half way thru the movie. He is a terrible actor!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this sounds frightening to me…population control and forced sterilization?! Is he serious?! Sounds like Nazi Germany to me, what about human rights?! The right to have a child if you want to! I’m just glad THIS guy decided NOT to have kids, he’s the one we all should be worrying about! And religion is brainwashing?! I can’t believe he actually let these thoughts come out of his mouth for all the world to hear. Amazing….and not in a good way.

    • nanpan

      I agree with you. This is eugenics and it’s not something to be promoted. It’s reprehensible. Who is to decide who is “fit” to reproduce? Disgusting. I’ve lost all respect for him.

    • Anonymous

      speaking about racial segregation… like Blacks and Whites that weren’t supposed to live together in an equal way for centuries in your country? OR how about the Native Americans? you got rid of them, you people didn’t coexist, you destroyed their homes.
      so funny that ignorant people like you like to take the Nazi Germany example especially when you’ve had tons of skeletons in your closets up until today.
      why don’t you go and watch some WW2 propaganda movies? shows you what your country wants to show you but not what actually happened especially not from the Germans’ point of view. you know… you need to start to THINK twice before you make any american assumptions again, it’s the only way you can make Europeans stop pointing fingers at you.
      im wasting my time here… GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Anonymous

    OOOHH, I agree with him completely. He is very witty , funny & intelligent. Janie is probably wearing leggings, eating chips & has a fag in her mouth.

  • melanie1983

    This is pretty bold, I mean there are some hard working parents out there who are still in poverty. But they love their kids and would do anything for them. I find everything he says to be completely ridiculous, he doesn’t even have any kids…ugh, so annoying.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with him. If we sterilized half the world (especially no offense to anyone but the african-american race) we can accomplish a lot!

    • NotAnonymous

      Are you offering to be first in line? With a statement like that “no offense but” you have got to be one of the first people to try out sterilization. Without people thinking like you I’m sure the human race AS A WHOLE could accomplish a lot! Troll.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the smartest thing I have heard in a long time. So many parents are irresponsibly bringing children into the world who are undisciplined, neglected and shouldn’t have been born in the first place. It’s a crime because the children suffer needlessly and the rest of the country has to pick up the slack through social services, jails and other government agencies funded by the taxpayer’s hard earned money. That money could be used for many many other very useful things.

    It’s not nazi-Germany, but if people are too stupid to use birth control, then someone has to regulate it for them.

  • NotAnonymous

    You all need to get off your soap boxes and go sit in a corner. Have you read your comments? If sterilization was based on stupidity, would you still have your right to reproduce?

    If you people truly have a problem with the level of poverty, the children that are not taken care of, and the lack of birth control floating around, why don’t you do the world a favor and start advocating the proper uses of birth control? Spend your money and put condoms and pills in plain site for the masses who cannot afford them over basic needs, educate parents on how to feed their children in a healthy way on the cheap, give parenting classes, give young people better sex education and adopt the neglected kids. Until you do that, shut up! These children still need help, where are you but here talking about their parents and how they need to have their ability to have children taken away. That is the least of the problem and will not solve anything. Very pathetic of you all and of him. Nothing is going to happen until people like you get off your butts and help people like them.

  • Hannah

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Anonymous

    first of all,population control,forced sterlization??!whats wrong with people?thats control!just like the person stated above ya Nazi germany!u cant control people, people have the right to have children and as many children as they want!people have rights!and second of all theres so many parents out there who r poor and love there kids to death!so please,theres even cases of parents who have tons of money,r filthy rich,there kids have everything but they r always working 24/7 and dont pay any attention to them and then theres parents who have nothing and they r always there for theyre kids!people shouldnt generilize.u can have lots of money or none and ur child can grow up to be a screw up or perfectly normal.you can be an older mom or a teen mom and ur kid can be good or bad.society needs to stop generlizing,its getting out of hand,really!and third i like this guy i think hes funny and yes i believe in god,but not religion,i agree religion is brainwashing and everything,so i respect him for that.i respect athiests very much(even though i believe in god)but this is insane, and not true hes way out of hand!and plus he doesnt have any kids,how the heck should he even say that!?jeez!

    • Sx

      Chill! He is a comedian who revels in sarcasm and getting a rise out of people. Don’t waste your energy getting so offended by his comments!! Comparing him to a Nazi is ridiculous!!

  • me2

    NotAnonymous, you sound like an moron.
    if people really can’t afford birth control and aren’t able to raise kids properly, then they shouldn’t be having sex. everyone over the age of 12 knows that sex leads to babies, we dont need better sex education!
    having children is not a right, its a privledge.
    now go pay some attention to your 9 kids while you wait for your welfare check.

    • NotAnonymous

      You talk like an uneducated idiot. I don’t have children so stop pushing your life on others. It’s sad that you have to stoop so low and be so childish to prove a ridiculous point.
      If sex education was faultless then would there be people still today who consider pulling out (among other things) to be a reliable method? Proper sex education will tell you that is not effective. Proper sex education will tell you how to properly take the pill, back up methods and how to double up which would reduce the number of accidental pregnancies. If everyone over 12 was realistic about sex (which they wont be without education) then they would know that it can lead to babies for anyone who is not properly protected. With that information the number of accidental teen pregnancies would drop. Without proper education, guess what, the numbers aren’t changing and you seem to be against proper education but no wonder really. You don’t seem to understand the basics so its not surprising you’re all for sterilization. What else would you do when you don’t know how to properly handle the problem?


      • me2

        yes lets spend millions more of our tax dollars to try to ‘educate’ these people who could care less. they know exactly what they’re doing, they just dont care. you obviously have a chip on your shoulder about the whole thing, i wouldnt doubt if you were pregnant at 15 in your moms trailer.

        • NotAnonymous

          Its funny how you seem to try to put down the uneducated masses who “could care less” (cause you talk them all?) when its obvious you aren’t/weren’t benefiting from any tax dollars spent on education. It shows in your writing and in your attitude.

          Again you’re pushing your life onto someone else or are you merely using that as a sad attempt at a come back? Like I said, I don’t have children nor have I ever been in trailer though there is nothing wrong with that. We own our home and alnd legally, free and clear. We also have comprehension skills (and spelling skills). Its sad how much you seem to be lacking. Poor thing.

          While I am not among the disadvantaged in this respect (work, don’t have kids, don’t need sex ed), I know there are plenty in the world who are hard working, who are educated or would like to be and who are still in need. Not every job even pays the bills, buys all food and not every child is unwanted because of that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that there are people in the world besides myself. Attitudes like yours do nothing for them and do nothing for me either. Good luck in life.

  • nosoupforyou

    Why should I spend my money on other people? I earned it. I do not need to “give, give, and give” because other people choose not to be educated, use birth control or have children they cannot care for. I have two biological sons and I am responsible for them.

    • NotAnonymous

      How do you choose not to be educated when you don’t have the resources to do otherwise? People work and still cannot afford things and that, for many, means they don’t get proper education. I hope you teach your children how to take care of themselves and never find yourself in need. You don’t know what position these people were in before they fell into poverty and lack.

      • Anonymous

        Your responses really show how “dense” you really are. It’s not about people who “fall into poverty” dummy. It’s about the ignorant idiots who have kids who can’t afford them in the first place, who have been in many cases offered birth control in some shape or form and still insist on having more and more children!! It’s out of control and has to stop!!!! People are fed up with this. Look at the situation in Haiti with those families having 8 kids and couldn’t even afford the first one, much less 8! They are WELL AWARE of birth control methods and still refuse to use them. That’s what we are talking about. These kids (and their parents for that matter) are a drain on society. Why can’t you understand that? It’s not rocket science.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I was somewhat appaled at what he said as well as many of the other ppl who responded to him. I think it was and out of line thing to say. There are alot of good parents who just so happen to be struggling and working and not wealthy. I agree their are some people who shouldnt have children, being they are unfit but we dont know whose those ppl will be. What right does he have to say that having children should be taken away. Some ppl want to be mothers and fathers, its not like all of us can marry a writer and become an actor or no child would ever do without! Just because your poor doesnt mean you love your children less… its a good thing he and his partner decided not to have children or what did he say, sacrifice 16 years of his life to the burden of a child.

  • Anna

    How would he be a hypocrite by not having children? Strange comment.

    I agree with him, although of course I know it is impossible to actually implement this.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like pretty irresponsible talk calling for mass sterilizations. Maybe Ricky Gervais should be the one getting sterlized. You heard here first the “Sterilize Ricky Gervais Campaign” and maybe we should arrest him for inciting terrorism. Just a thought.

    What rich fat tw@t

  • Anonymous

    Sterilizing people is what the Nazi’s did.

    Heil Ricky

  • Danielle

    BTW just to clarify I am not saying because someone is poor they shouldn’t have a child. My mother was single mum and sometimes went without food so I could eat as a child, but I had a roof over my head, was polite and went to school and worked hard as my mother did, never got into trouble and now a 30yr old woman with a good job and life.
    I am talking about the people who have lots of children because the more they have the more benefits they can claim, the type of people who feed there kids take away every night, and dont pay attention to them or their education.
    And I am speaking about the U.K here, there are lots of families like this and it certainly isn’t from lack education. Everywhere you turn there are leaflets and adverts about healthy eating and there is parenting classes in lots of areas and birth control is free in the U.K.

  • Peta

    I just have one question: how do you determine which ‘stupid and irresponsible’ people to sterilize? What criteria do you follow?

    I ask because I’ve seen people from all classes, races and creeds who shouldn’t be allowed to have goldfish much less children. Would such a policy apply across the board or, as I fear, would it be enforced on people within certain brackets (i.e. poor, non-college educated, racial minority, etc)? I wish more people would employ common sense before they have sex much less have children, but government-sanctioned sterilization? That smacks too much of eugenics, if you ask me.

    This is a matter where people need to sit and think critically instead of flying on emotion alone.

  • Jennie

    Although, I do not agree with him 100%, I do understand what he is trying to say. Its heartbreaking to see the same cycle repeated and a change really does need to be made. I would not go as far as to take someone’s rights away. Reproducing is a natural-born right. Seems like a complete violation to order them in to undergo a medical procedure. An uncomfortable one, I might add. I opted for the procedure after my fourth son and its not pleasant lol

    I am doing excellent now. Living in my own home, paying all my bills, but there was a time where I wasn’t in a great situation. As it was said above, not every job pays all the bills. I would have been horrified if someone told me that I had to ‘fix’ myself. When I had my first two sons, I was providing for them and all it took was an injury to knock me down and then I needed help. Not all people who go on assistant are ignorant trash, I think that stereotype needs to go out the window.

    But instead of sterilization, perhaps a pregnancy limit should be added to the government programs. Maybe something along the lines of, being allowed 1-2 pregnancies while on assistance but after that, they’re on their own for payment and care. I also think that drug testing be given in order to keep receiving benefits as I’m sure that is a big problem in various places. The people who are not doing drugs, which I believe to be many, wouldn’t have a problem with it as they have nothing to worry about.

    This guy is right about one thing, there are many ‘stupid’ people out in the world that are having children that shouldn’t. People who abuse their kids, even kill them. People who neglect and don’t provide. I, personally, know a man who is on his 6-7 children from his 5th ‘baby mama’. He’s abusive and doesn’t take care of the others that he has but yet he still continues to get women pregnant. Its a shame. Oh and one other thing…before people make another stereo-typical assumption…he’s white, college-educated and works as L.P.N.

  • Anonymous

    This is very dangerous territory. The ravings of our “idols” are entering the mind of the society. If this crap is now mainstream media, wont be long till the idea of one human being sterilising another human being will be normal and widely accepted. Have we lost our minds? entertaining this at all? Ricky Gervais should be ashamed of himself. Sure why dont we just kill them off alltogether? disabled?…dont want them reproducing, shall I continue? Wake up people…research the New World Order

    • Anonymous

      These words are not simply the ravings on our idols as you say, but the sentiments in general of many, many people out there tired of seeing this happen over and over again. If they don’t want to stop having children, then I should have the right to stop supporting these unwanted, unplanned children via taxes. Period. People need to grow up, be responsible and THINK before they procreate.

      Although this statement may be strong and is being taken too literally by most, his sentiments are felt by many and he is right in theory. Something has to be done. Limit 1-2 kids per family per lifetime, like China. We can’t afford to feed the people already on this planet. Let’s get that problem fixed before we keep reproducing more. It’s just PLAIN COMMON SENSE.

  • Anonymous

    Christ almighty most of the comments on this page are born out of ignorance and self indulgent tripe. The day that anyone chooses who can reproduce and who can’t is a sad day for humanity. There seems to be a lot of people on here complaining about what I consider to be unfair taxes and their money not going where they want it to, ie back into their own pockets. LOL people why not question why there is so much social injustice as opposed to spewing your hatred out onto the less fortunate. Ricky Gervais was probably joking anyway.LOL idiots.

  • Domino

    The only sad part of this post is people comparing this to Nazism. You need some education, exactly what Ricky was talking about.

  • Anonymous

    This idea is very comparible to Nazism. Only a facist society would even think like this, or allow this to enter the public arena. The Nazis soon discovered that sterilising was tooo sloooow anyway. So they thought up a “solution”. The anonymous poster above said it perfectly…”people why not question why there is so much social injustice as opposed to spewing your hatred “. That is exactly right. Lets not look at the conditions that produce these problems….lets just take the easy road and say they are inherent problems with these particular humans, and sterilise them. It wont be long then until only those who are “genetically viable” will be allowed to breed, sterilise the rest. Brave new world anyone ?

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