Jennifer Garner & Her Gorgeous Girls

Jennifer Garner & Her Gorgeous Girls

Alias star Jennifer Garner was spotted holding her 1-year-old daughter Seraphina while a friend carried her 4-year-old daughter Violet after school in Santa Monica on Tuesday (February 2).

Jen’s husband Ben Affleck – who recently ‘thanked’ Jen for revealing one of his romantic secrets – was not spotted with the group.

Jennifer’s upcoming romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day, is set to hit theaters next Friday (February 12) in time for the big holiday.

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  • SJPLuva

    And what reason is Violet being carried for? She’s four, she’s perfectly capable of walking and don’t give the excuse oh the paparazzi are there. I see none in the photo’s and these aren’t close up.

  • nanpan

    One thing I really like about Jen and family, is that they all look like perfectly average people. They dress and act like a completely normal, regular family. It’s nice to see so little pretentiousness.

  • Anonymous

    SJP Luva:

    They treat that ginormous child like an infant. Never seen anything like it. Other celebs (much more prominent than JG) let their 2 year olds walk for heaven’s sake. V’s been sucking on a pacifier in pics up until very recently and not potty trained either until recently. That is the reason why her teeth are all over the place. JG has done damage (I’m sure it can be repaired by wearing braces, but why do the damage in the first place)? Regardless of how “great” people think she is, I see an over-indulged child here on her way to becoming another typical spoiled celeb kid. I hope not, but from the looks of things (I saw them out getting ice cream one day and that kid whined constantly) it’s not going to be good.

    JG made the comment once about being “told what Violet wants”. It looks as if that might not be such a joke after all!!!

  • SJPLuva

    I’ve noticed for a long time Violets teeth were very wide apart and that’s not typical for a child. I see now that its clear her constant pacifer use was the cause and I don’t know why she is still in diapers or pull ups. Most girls are potty trained way, way before four. Boys take a bit longer but most are potty trained by four too.

    It doesn’t suprise me that you saw Violet whining. I don’t get why Jennifer doesn’t put a little more effort into what she wears. She looks like a bum most of the time. SJP has three kids and still manages to dress decently when taking James out and two of SJP’s kids are much younger than Jennifer’s youngest.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I see Jen Garner’s biggest fans are out in force today.

    As one of her not so devoted fans, I just want to say I think she is doing a fantastic job with her kids and career. She is totally an inspiration. I am liking her more and more every time I hear or see anything about her. I am definitely going to keep my eye on her.

  • Anonymous

    Man……. You people are brutal.
    For whom ever wants to know.
    Ben had teeth just like Violet when he was a kid. Ben has mentioned in past interviews how his mom felt bad she couldn’t afford braces for Ben because she was a single mom. Ben will tell anyone that he doesn’t have any of his none teeth because the studios heads wanted his teeth fixed before he filmed their movie. I’m sure Jen and Jen will get braces for Violet when the time comes.

  • Audrey

    Old pictures show that Violet’s teeth came in to begin with gapped. It happens (my pacifier free neice had the same teeth) and you don’t brace baby teeth! Plus who does one think took these fairly close up pictures if not the paps. That child walks plenty. And I’m not a biased fan and have never seen one bit of her work. Besides if you want to carry your child, then carry them. You can’t do it for long anyway. They grow up fast.

  • carolyn

    My 4-year-old has a very gap-toothed grin too, though she never took to a pacifier. Actually, I did as well when I was a kid. Maybe it’s a genetic thing!

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