Jillian Barberie Reynolds Introduces Rocco Rio

Jillian Barberie Reynolds Introduces Rocco Rio

Meet Rocco Rio Reynolds! Good Day LA co-anchor Jillian Barberie Reynolds reveals the first pictures of her sweet newborn son Rocco with Life & Style. Apparently the adorable 3-week-old isn’t giving mom much sleep!

I’m up every three hours,” Jillian said. “I don’t care. I Twitter while I’m breast-feeding him. I call it breast-tweeting!”

Jillian said that Rocco’s January 11 arrival was two weeks early via cesarean section. Her husband Grant Reynolds (a stay-at-home dad) and their daughter, Ruby, 2, are so happy to have Rocco join the family. “At my age, I was so lucky to get pregnant without help,” Jillian, 43, said. “We didn’t plan it. It was just natural.”

Do you breast-feed & Tweet too?

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Photo credit: Life & Style


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  1. Anonymous

    dumb name!

  2. Anonymous

    dumb name!

  3. Anonymous

    Oh fgs!.
    JUst be happy for the family..what a sweet baby ,and i`m sure a happy new edition:).
    Some ppl just can`t say anything nice ,can they?doh..grow up!!

  4. Anonymous

    What a beautiful baby.

  5. Anonymous

    I love the name.

    God Son!


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