Catherine Zeta-Jones: We’re Used To “Running Out Naked Into The Garden”

Catherine Zeta-Jones: We're Used To "Running Out Naked Into The Garden"

Late last year, Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas relocated their family from Bermuda to New York City. During a recent visit to the Late Show with David Letterman, the 40-year-old America’s Sweethearts actress revealed their reasons for the big move.

“It was to etiquette the kids and just to come back and enjoy this fantastic city we’re able to live in,” she explains. However, the loss of anonymity has taken some getting used to for their two children, son Dylan, 9, and daughter Carys, 6 ½.

Well, for them, they were naked opening the back door — so was I — and just running out naked into the garden and it’s really hard to do that in Central Park.”

And while she’s feeling good about the big move, Catherine admitted to feeling the need for another family member.

I said to him, ‘Darling, I really want another baby or a puppy,” she jokes. “And that puppy came FedEx so quick! I mean, I never thought FedEx was that good!”

Do you feel comfortable being naked around your kids?

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  • me2

    yeah but mine’s only 1 year old. :)

  • melanie1983

    Ew, no. But this picture is adorable!! They’re soo big!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have any children but I think that is pretty disgusting that she would do that.

  • dholmas

    I don’t know if I would but I do have friends that do.

  • Anonymous

    my family does its. my husband and i have 2 little girls and no one in our house is modest.

  • Anna

    What’s disgusting or eww about being nude? It’s just your body. I think in a family there is no problem with seeing each other naked.

  • Tazina

    Only when they were babies. And that works two ways. I would not have wanted to see my parents naked, especially when I got a little older…no no!

  • jLiz

    my parents were naked at times…but it wasnt like LOOK AT ME IM IN THE NUDE it was just changing and showering and it was nice bc there was just an ease n casualness (is that a word) about it. people are so freaked abt the body but its not like they were naked and saying LOOK AT MY VAGINA IM NAKED it was very nonchalant. all u nude-a-phobes get a life haHA

  • Cathereine Fan

    Love Cathereine she is one of my fav stars…

  • Cathereine Fan

    Cathereine rocks, really like her new movie

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