Britney Spears Gives Her Son A Smooch

Britney Spears Gives Her Son A Smooch

Britney Spears visited Saint John’s Medical Plaza in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (February 10) for a routine checkup for her two sons, 3-year-old Jayden James and 4-year-old Sean Preston (not pictured).

The 28-year-old singer planted a kiss on Jayden’s cheek to cheer him up as she helped him out of their vehicle.

We last spotted the boys heading to a park with their mom and boyfriend Jason Trawick. Jayden and Sean’s dad is Britney’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

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Photo credit: ANDY/GSI Media/Fame

  • Anonymous

    I am so happy Brit brit is backto her mommy days! she is healthy and sober and put on a super show: CIRCUS

  • Anonymous

    How come she’s never photographed with Sean Preston-she is always holding Jayden!

  • what about sean preston-

    Anonymous #2-Britney plays Favorittism..she dosent like Sean because he looks like his daddy and jayden looks like her and she thinks that jayden is cuter than sean she leaves out sean out of alot of things she never spends alone time with her first child i could see supernanny coming..when sean has jealousey issues and hits and bites his brother and mom

  • Giu

    That comment above shouldn’t be posted… sooo ridiculous!
    Anyones here don’t knows her to judge her.
    If you don’t like to see Britney with her sons, don’t even wast your time in it.

    Thanks for the pictures. Britney and Jayden looks great! =)

  • Anonymous

    That is so cruel and should not have been posted. Has anyone thought that Sean is maybe more independent and Jayden wants his mommy??? I don’t think she plays favorites, plus she could be carrying Jayden, because he is not as big as Sean!!! I hate it when people are so cruel and judgemental!!!

  • Anonymous

    She carries Jayden all the time, because if she’s not, Jayden will cry and gets tantrums. Preston really doesn’t care who carries him, Jayden gets mad when Britney spends no attention to him. Check the days when they were in Australia, when Jayden sat in his stroller and he yelled to Britney because she did walk near to Jason and not to him.

    She carries him to comfort him. It’s not easy to handle a crying child when there are so many people around her. Preston is relaxed and is ok who holds him.
    It has nothing to do who is more independant, or that Jayden’s a mommy’s boy. Nonsence. They both love Britney the same and she loves both her sons.

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t play favorites. If you saw the video from a few weeks ago. Jayden doesn’t like the paps. He was telling them to stop taking pictures. In a lot of photos Jayden looks very unsettled when the paps are around. So, like any child would do they look for comfort, which in his case is his mother. Meanwhile, Sean Preston likes the paps and is often smiling and more relaxed in the pictures. Which is probably why he’s ok with being carried by other people. If you’ve seen any pictures where the paps are at a distance, britney is attentive to both boys.

  • AnonymousNatasza

    Britney always carrying just Jayden. she ignore Preston.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not attentive to both boys. In zoos on playgrounds; it’s always Jayden.
    When they both were on the swing, she turned her back to Preston and played with Jayden.
    She is on a boat trip with both of them and plays with Jayden, cuddles with Jayden and puts Jayden on her lap all the time. Preston is there with the bodyguard.
    She doesn’t interact with Preston, only Jayden.
    Its weird

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