16 and Pregnant Season 2 Is Underway

16 and Pregnant Season 2 Is Underway

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant started a lot of interesting discussions when it aired last year and got people thinking and talking about teen pregnancy and parenthood, sexuality, responsibility, and adulthood. Continue reading…

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  • Leximomto4

    her baby name was JACE

  • Renee

    The babys name is not Jason, it’s Jace.. even worse.

  • Anonymous

    it’s jace. she also has a formspring..in case anyone was interested.

  • momoffive

    Just watched the episode with Nikkole, Josh, and Lyle. My background — teen mom at age 17 and 19. Am 30ish… now. So sympathize with Nikkole’s mother. She did the right things, children make choices we as parent’s cringe over. Nikkole getting pregnant has nothing to do with her mother. I too felt the want to jump over the table and get Josh. I was shaking mad. He is so immature and so not right for this girl and their son. And his parents can’t control what he does either, it’s not them it’s him. All I can say is run Nikkole and run fast. You don’t deserve to be treated poorly. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER. I wish I had. Don’t date Josh again. He is bad for your mental health, he’s controlling. To all teen moms – Believe me life will get better. It may take time but it will. I have experience in this department. Someone will love you with a child. You will be okay, just give things time and know you and your child deserve more than what you have. Stay in school and stay smart. Things take time and you have it. Choose to be happy. No one else can make you happy. They contribute, but can’t make you happy. Best of luck — the world is not against you.

  • Anonymous

    I just watched the episode with Nikkole, Lyle and Josh….all I have to say is Josh is ridiculously immature. I just had a baby three months ago and if my boyfriend was pushin up on me and tellin me to scoot over during my contractions or tellin me to wake up! i would have freaked! this young man has NO IDEA what she was going through and obviously was too immature to understand the importance of the environment his son was about to be born into. I am totally on Nikkole’s mothers side as well….Nikkole- get rid of josh- you are NOT ALONE. you have a wonderful mother who is there for you and now you have a whole population of young mothers behind you supporting you too!. You do not need josh. You are a beautiful strong young woman! things will work out for you :) Josh on the other hand… looks like a fool. and im sure 99.9 % of ppl out there agree he has A LOT of growing up to do before he even deserves a chance to be a father to that precious child. Nikkole put yourself and your child first…nobody else. good luck :)

  • Anonymous

    That Jenelle girl was ridiculous! Her disrespect for her mom and her take it or leave it attitude with her son was sickening… Sad.

  • Mother

    I absolutely can not stand dead beat parents I became a mother at 17 and I know that becoming a mother is a huge shock but teen mothers and fathers need to step to the plate and realize that the time to grow up is now because these precious little bundles depend on their parents to take care of them and teen parents shouldn’t just expect others to step to the plate in their place. One person that I am reffering to is jennel wut in the world kind of mother are you, your mom has been completely right all along and u need to wake up! How in the world can u leave all these responsibilities on your poor mother when none of this was her decision and all u do is gripe you are so disrespectful and immature! And I would think that you wouldn’t want to be gone from Jace knowing for one that that dad isn’t even in his life and two if u r gone at school all day how is that not enough “time to yourself” so u r so selfish and immature that u continue to party wut is wrong w you! Have u ever thought that your mom may want some time to herself!? Get ur priorities right and I know I can’t stand to be away from my daughter while I’m away at class, I love waking up to her every single day and night, she is my world! Step up for your baby, it seems like u don’t have a heart

  • Anonymous

    OMG- I just wanted to jump into my tv and beat that effin Josh senseless!! What an immature and rude person he is! He is NOT #1, he is not even #2- that baby, Lyle is #1 and unfortunately Josh will never understand that. Nikkole needs to walk away from Josh and never EVER look back. He is nothing but a control-freak and will only ruin Nikkole and her son’s life!!

  • Tracy

    Ijust watched the episode with Kaila and Jo, and I have to say that Jo’s parents are the most giving people. They took Kaila in, put a roof over her head, and are basically supporting her and the baby. Kaila is very lucky to have them help her. Kaila did talk about how great they are to her, but she needs to show them more gratitude because in some aspects, she’s almost taking them for granted which is a shame.

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