Brooke Mueller Has Sons At Rehab Facility

Brooke Mueller Has Sons At Rehab Facility

The drama continues!

Brooke Mueller has recently relocated to a different rehab facility that has allowed her children, the nannies and a counselor to check in, TMZ reports.

The estranged wife of Charlie Sheen checked out of The Canyon in Malibu after an alleged security breach and is now in a high-end rehab facility that allows children and staff.

Up to this point Brooke and Charlie were sharing custody of their 11-month-old twin boys, Bob and Max. However, since Charlie also checked into rehab today, Brooke is now caring for the boys full-time.

Thoughts on babies in rehab?

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  1. Moore

    At least they’re being taken care of

  2. Anna

    What a mess are these people? I cannot understand why people have children when they are a mess themselves. Get yourself sorted out before bringing children into your life!

    Can you imagine being asked where you spent your first birthday and having to say “in rehab”?

  3. marie

    The babies are happiest when they are with their mother. Notwithstanding the place. I agree it’s not the best enviroment, but I’m sure that they are cared for. Hopefully this will also help her as an incentive to get well soon.
    “Anna” I agree with you, some people should not have children specially if their life is a mess, but in regards to your question, I think it would be more sad if the kids say that they spent their 1st birthday WITHOUT their mother. I just hope that after rehab, she becomes the mother her children hope her to be…good luck!

  4. SarahEl

    I think in early stages of rehab it wouldn’t be a good idea. But I think in later rehab, it will be good for the patient. .

  5. This is a terrible thing. Isn’t there a family member or two who can take custody of the children while both parents are incapacitated? Either that or a state foster home.

  6. Anonymous

    I feel so sorry for these babies having these two idiots for parents!


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