Beauty Regimes Of Celebrity Tots

Beauty Regimes Of Celebrity Tots

Sure we all like our kids to look cute. But how far is too far?

Hollywood provides the perfect platform to see how some parents think it’s perfectly harmless – and even fun – to primp and prep their children.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite celeb tots who have been ‘beautified’ by their willing and proud parents. Read on….

Suri Cruise Puts Her Best Face Foward In Makeup:

We’ll start with the princess of Hollywood. While she may be only 3-years-old, the adorable daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, has become a celebrity just by what she wears! We first started to notice that Suri would often step out without a coat in cold weather. Weird, but maybe she’s just a super hot kid?! Then came the heels!

But possibly the most shocking of all was when Suri was spotted carrying a makeup bag and wearing makeup! Yes, she’s only 3!

Tom has said that Suri picks out her wardrobe on her own: “Just so you know, she dresses herself. She really does. She picks out everything on her own.”

Just a thought: If a toddler is dressed in heels and makeup to look like a young adult, doesn’t that put her at risk of predators?

Kingston Rossdale Dyes His Hair & Gets a Mohawk:

We all know that Gwen Stefani loves her platinum blonde hair. But apparently the Spiderwebs singer also wants her 3 1/2-year-old son Kingston Rossdale to have uber golden locks. We once ooooed and ahhhhed at the adorable pics of Kingston’s natural blonde curls.

But then came the shaved sides with dyed mohawk that had all of us going ‘Nooooo!’ As Gwen proudly toted her then 2-year-old son in May of last year, he sucked on a pacifier and rocked his new ‘do.

Are Gwen and Gavin trying too hard for the boys to be just as cool as them? Bit too early?

Angel Brown’s Straightened Hair & Mohawk:

Kingston Rossdale isn’t the only celeb tot rockin’ a primped ‘n prepped ‘do! Melanie Brown’s 2 1/2-year-old daughter Angel Brown has been spotted with her very own mohawk! We’re not sure of the method, but we noticed that the Spice Girl also straightened the hair that Angel has left.

We’re all about being gender inclusive, but we’re not sure Mel B got this one right!

Emme Muniz Gets Her Ears Pierced:

Jennifer Lopez has talked about how both of her 2-year-old twins – Max and Emme – love playing with makeup. “Oh, my god, does she play with the makeup,” Lopez joked. “Both of them do. Max too. They like to paint themselves and you.”

Turns out Emme loves her jewels too! “Emme’s just like Jennifer, she’s really refined and she loves jewelry,” Jen’s pal and makeup artist, Scott Barnes, said. “She has a little bracelet and she always turns it and looks at it.”

Jenny From the Block has taken Emme’s love for jewelry that one step further. While it’s not clear when the tot got her ears pierced, she can be seen here wearing small hoops at the age of 15 months and again here at 1 1/2-years-old. Ouch! That must’ve hurt!

Stella McDermott Gets a Pedicure:

When she was just 11-months-old, Stella McDermott, the daughter of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, was seen wearing the cutest flip flops to show off her freshly painted toenails.

Question: How do you get an 11-month-old to sit through a pedicure? Maybe there’s mommy-and-me salons in Tori’s famous zip code?

Princess Tiaamii Wears Makeup and Straightens Hair:

Not only are her career options limited, it looks like 2-year-old Princess Tiaamii, the daughter of Katie Price and Peter Andre, is also being told how to look.

We’ve all seen Princess’ gorgeous blonde curls. Well it seems that mom doesn’t think they’re the right look for her young tot. Check out this picture of Princess sporting a much different look after Katie took her hair straightener to those golden spiral curls.

And did we mention the makeup and the fake eyelashes? Papa Pete let the public know that Princess’ Tammy Faye Baker look did not pass by his approval.

Just a little word to Katie: If you’re trying to upset your ex, you’re doing a fine job. But maybe try the age-old methods of drunk dialing, a made up pregnancy or a staged run-in after a trip to the hair salon. Does Princess really need to be included in your plots for revenge?

Do you think any of these beauty regimes are harmless? Disturbing?

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  • Anonymous

    Sometimes it seems the parents use the children as their playthings and to send a message or fashion statement about themselves.

  • peach

    I think all of those listed are ridiculous.

    Except for Emme. Personally, I am not a fan of pierced ears before the child can decide and take care of them on their own, but pierced ears is something that is pretty common on little girls these days (it seems). So, I don’t think she should be listed here for crazy beauty regimes.

    The others …. no comment.

  • Anonymous

    that’s sick! but ears pierced is normal in spain (and a lot of countries in europe)and latinoamerica.
    i’m spanish and i’m 27 and i’ve got my ears pierced since the day after of my birth. in spain and all latinoamerica(i lived in argentina)pierced the ears in the same hospital.nurse did it. so it’s normal for me, specially because jennifer lopez and marc anthony are latinos.
    suri it’s really cute but their parents are quite crazy!she’s just a child.i’m a mother, and my 5 years old daughter loves fancy dresses and makeup, but she’s a normal girl who wears what i want, maybe she loves to pick pink clothes,but this is normal….
    anyway, those people are growup, so they can do what they want, but what can ask to these parents if they are crazy….just look at them

  • Annonymous

    I think all of these kids look ridiculous . Clearly their parents place importance on material things and want them to look, act and do things that are way beyond their years. Wait until they are age appropriate so that they can appreciate some these luxuries. People complain about bankers making too much money, what about these people…so much w!aste

  • Danielle

    All of them, little fashion accessories. Its quite sad.

    I’m half spanish and my parents fought over whether my ears would be pierced. My mum won, I didn’t have my ears pierced till I was 12, when I was old enough to decide.
    The hair styles well I suppose that isn’t actually harmful although I think ridiculous, but the dye and straightening is most defiantly not good for their little heads.

  • Victoria

    Ear Piercing:
    I’m 16 and I know for a fact that my mother got my ears pierced as soon as she could. I was really young, and that’s just how it is. My female cousins and nieces got theirs done as young babies (younger than 15 months). It’s common especially if you’re African-American or Latino American. I think going by life and not statistics it’s more common that white people don’t do it at young ages while AA’s and LA’s do. My mother told me that I didn’t even cry when I got mine done, and for some babies that do they don’t cry for that long, unlike when you’re older and many girls do.

    Toe Nail Polish:
    I got my nails painted as a little girl too. Stella’s a year and a half, and although she didn’t ask for her nails to be painted, I hardly think she’s going to die just because their painted. Plenty of little girls, one and older, get them painted. Also, I hardly think she was sitting in a chair getting her feet buffed and massaged and filed, I sure she only got them painted

    CBS did you really just ask is this girl at a risk for predators? With her mother and father being who they are and all of the security they have, she’s going to fall into the hands of pedophiles? I don’t know if Princess wears makeup outside, I really haven’t seen any pics of her wearing makeup outside of the house, as for the fake eyelashes, I’ve only seen the pics of her wearing them that her mother twittered, so I think that was a fun dress up moment. I was three and I had makeup.

    I totally disagree with Angel’s Mohawk but it’s already done so whatever. I disagree because I think she’s too young to actually verbalize I want a mohawk and fully understand someone’s about to cut my hair off. Kingston is 3 going on 4 so it’s whatever now for him, I don’t agree with doing it at 2 but now he’s 3 going on 4 and he probably so used to it.

    Hair Straightening:
    I’m African-American and have been getting relaxers since I can remember, and I loved getting them. (I was not 2 or anything my mother waited for the correct age). I don’t have low hair selftesteem, to me it was just another way to style my hair. My mother didn’t act like I was prettier with my hair straightened, and it was like 2 a year. My only problem is that unless Mel B took the hot comb to her head, she’s too young to be getting a chemical relaxer.
    BTW it gets on my nerves when people talk about relaxing or perming your children’s hair nowadays. I know that some people really do have low hair selfesteem and some parents pass it down to their children, but now I feel like some people just act like this is just something that’s been newly discovered and is just so horrific.

    3. Things I think is important to keep in mind:
    1. These children are not ours their Katie’s, Mel B’s, J.Lo’s, Gwen’s, and Tory’s.
    2. Children are always an extension of their parents. For the good or the bad, or what the public THINK is for the good or the bad. Yes Suri may dress in many dresses and the public always goes that she should be wearing sneakers and pants and getting dirty, but then you look on this website under Shiloh and if you don’t see a whole bunch of comments on how she should be wearing dresses and looking girly. Every family is different and everyone’s has a different idea of what’s proper and okay and what’s not. And I know there are people that will say Yes But I didn’t do this, but it doesn’t matter what example you put insert, different is different.
    3. You should never underestimate children. Humans start thinking for themselves at very young ages. We start to notice things and I think at around 3 or 4 years we start to greatly express ourselves verbally.

  • Anna

    The worst thing on this list is the ear piercing as that is permanent and you make a whole in a child’s body!

    The other things are all temporary so I don’t care about it that much although I would never bleach my child’s hair, straighten it or shave it off in a mohawk.

  • Abercrombie Vampire

    they think that just because they’re famous they can do whatever they want
    from naming their kids the most strange names from ruining their
    but i gotta say i don’t find anything wrong on emme’s earrings
    i mean, my parents pierced my ears too when i was a little kind and most of the people in my country [Spain] do it but im actually horrified by the other ones

  • May

    In most countries of Latin America babies get they ears pierced in the hospital, hours after they’re born. It’s a cultural matter, so it’s not awful or something. Most little girls love make-up, and I think it’s ok to use it. Pedicure, fine. But dying hair, Mohawks, that’s just sick.

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