Prince, Paris & Blanket Jackson: Karate Kids

Prince & Blanket Jackson: Karate Kids

The Jackson kids were spotted out in Encino, Calif. Wednesday (February 24) on the way to their weekly karate class under the watchful eye of their bodyguards.

Prince, 13, Paris, 11, and brother Blanket, 8, were joined by cousins Jaafar, 13, and Jermajesty, 9 – sons of their uncle Jermaine Jackson, 55.

The three children of the late Michael Jackson are currently living at their grandmother’s home. Recently a friend of the family noted that the children are flourishing in their new environment:

With the kids running around the house, laughing, playing, they’ve given each other a lot of joy.

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Photo credit: RHEA/GSI Media/Fame

  • Anonymous

    prince1 is a fly boy.. dang his kids are all attractive as hell.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, Prince I is such a handsome young boy!!

  • Emma

    All three kids are very beautiful =)

  • crusindeb

    Although I know everyone feels the same as I do about Michael’s children….we LOVE Michael and we LOVE his children Prince, Paris and Blanket. BUT…..they should NOT be stalked by the paps like thier Daddy was!!!!!!

    All fans feel protective & want to watch over them as they grow into adulthood, but above all else we WORRY about them and want them to be safe. Michael raised his children with L.O.V.E. and taught them all about how cruel the media and some people will be towards them as they were towards him.

    These children need to be left alone to figure out what choices will they make in their lives and how will they be affected by the MEDIA, the PUBLIC, MONEY, NOTORIETY & BEING THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST RECOGNIZEABLE, CONTROVERSIAL, LOVED, HATED & EXTRAORDINARILY GIFTED MAN ON THE PLANET.

    I pray for them every step along the way of this extraordinary & totally MIND-BOGGLING situation they are in….living in the shadow of the world of their Daddy, Michael Jackson. I pray they have personal strength and wisdom in finding their way while learning how to manage & carry on a GOLIATH-like legacy. I hope they find where it is they themselves as individuals fit in this oftentimes cruel and unkind world. Good grief (sigh).

    Oh……PAPS and MEDIA……….leave these children alone!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE U MICHAEL. God Bless you and your children.

  • Anonymous

    It’s truly sad that they have to hide them with umbrellas to escort them out! Wow!

  • Anonymous

    Media, leave the kids alone. They are not celebrity and should not been followed like this for pictures and stories. They cannot even go through their normal life without been followed around. Just imagine if this is you or your kids, how do you feel?

  • Anonymous

    To the three posters before me: People have to understand that these three kids are the children of the worlds most famous person. This is the life they are going to get because of that. No one can change that. It’s a fact you guys need to accept.

  • arjun

    Yes, unfortunately that’s true. Everyone who knows of them now, is going to be interested in them now. And everyone’s going to wait with bated breath to see if they enter into music / movies and accomplish something like their Dad.

    But i think the Jackson family knows better than all of us what is to be done. And they’re making every effort to keep them out of the public eye as much as possible. It’s heartening to see they have united for the sake of these kids for now. Once the kids turn 18, things will get harder. .. the paparazzio will see them like any other adults and turn relentless.

  • perfããa

    Ah Como eles São lindos QUANDO creserem eles parecem Que Vão Ser Modelos Iria combinação com eles msm!
    Neah /?

  • Gvebqymj

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