Will Madonna’s Mini-me, Lourdes, Be a Bigger Star Than Her Mom?

Will Madonna’s Mini-me, Lourdes, Be a Bigger Star Than Her Mom?

Sporting a grommeted leather jacket, multiple strands of beads, and a black miniskirt with ripped tights, Lourdes Ciccone Leon had everyone wondering “Who’s that girl?” as she took to the streets of New York City on February 20. Continue reading…

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  1. Anonymous

    That is way too much unnecessary pressure to put on such a young girl. She’s a beautiful girl with great style, however, I don’t think expecting her to be a bigger star than “the most successful female recording artist of all time” is even fair.

  2. Jason

    No I don’t think so..
    But nomatter what, I don’t hope she’ll end up, as another Paris Hilton.
    Let her follow her dreams like any other young kids should do, and have the oppotinitie to.
    I don’t think her style is that unique, my younger sister have worn outfit like Lourdes’ for years, and she have no idea who Lourdes is. Don’t make people something they’re not. Lourdes looks like a sweet girl.


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