Joey Lawrence’s Pregnant Wife Diagnosed With Rare Blood Disorder

Joey Lawrence’s Pregnant Wife Diagnosed With Rare Blood Disorder

Actor Joey Lawrence’s wife, Chandie Yawn-Nelson, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child – to be named Liberty Grace – has been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, reports

Just weeks before her April 3rd due date, Chandie has been diagnosed with Rh disease, which could translate to Hemolytic disease for her newborn. In the most severe cases, this condition can cause heart failure in the unborn child, resulting in stillbirth.

Joey, 33, opened up to Life & Style about the difficult news:

There are so many unknowns about it because it is so rare. All you can do is pray hard and be positive.

The former Blossom star and his wife have been married since 2005 and are also parents to daughter Charli, 3.

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  • Gigohead

    I have to have the same Rhogram shot for this same thing. I got mine at about 24 weeks or so.

  • Sophia

    All the best to this family for the safe birth of little Liberty Grace. I really hope everything runs smoothly and that their little girl is safe and healthy. And best wishes to Chandie too, of course. x

  • Kaz

    I was diagnosed with the same thing early on in my second pregnancy, i also went on to have a third child. Both pregnancys were very closley monitered and both babies, although jaundice and needing a couple of weeks in special care, were perfectly healthy with no ill effects. I wish them all the best and hope they have a happy ending too x.

  • Anonymous

    He dresses like a woman!

  • Anonymous

    that happens in a second pregnancy

  • Anonymous

    I had rhogam shots with my pregnancy. My son was born perfectly healthy.

  • Anonymous

    It actually isn’t so rare. It is certainly scary and can result in the loss of the baby if not diagnosed and treated, but his overly dramatic declaration that this is an almost unheard of thing is off base. My sister had the same thing, as did several of our friends. Have a rhogam shot and monitor subsequent pregnancies and most likely a healthy baby will be delivered. It is so annoying when these celebrities have a hiccup in their pregnancies – all of the sudden they are the only ones to have had this happen and it’s always life or death. Puhleese!

  • Anonymous

    No so rare I have it and have about 4 friends who also have it. There are much worse things you just need a Rhogam shot. “Rare Blood Disorder??” Not really.

  • Anonymous

    I have it too, and have three healthy boys, and no complications during pregnancy. You actually receive two doses if you are Rh negative, one during the pregnancy and one after birth. This is no big deal, as someone else stated, and many worse things can be diagnosed during pregnancy!

  • Anonymous

    I had pregnancy rlated anemia throughout my first pregnancy & it was closely monitered, it became worse after my 40 weeks postpartum & was diagnosed as Autoimmune Hemolitic Anemia, I nearly died, but thankfully I healed & my baby remained healthy, & its been over 5 years now.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think they are just saying oh she has a negative blood type and needs her rhogam shots–what the rhogam is meant to PREVENT is what has happened to her the shot wont help now–it IS RARE because most people just get the shot since it was invented in the 60s and are fine and dont have to worry about rh disease at all–unless you are sensitized had titers drawn had the mca scan things etc..
    and have had a baby with rh disease please keep your comments to yourself!!! It happened to me and its scary!!!

    • Jane

      i agree….Happened to me to.. 1st pregnancy didnt know, went to gym, miscarried day after, had anti-d injection..2nd pregnancy fine, had Anti-D 3rd pregnancy, miscarried, then apparently i didnt get the rite amount of the injection after, so 4th pregnancy antibody levels slowly gettin higher managed to get to 36 wks then had C-section, baby had 2 blood transfusions & 3 wks in hospital…
      5th pregnancy total fiasco on hospitals part,, my usual specialist doc had to go away, no one seem to know what to do about me.. had regular blood test antibody levels slowly gettin higher, unborn baby was goin to hav to hav blood transfusion if levels hit 28, last blood test just knew it was high, docs were sposed to get back to me if it was high..on the friday, heard nothin,,so i chased it up.. took 4 hrs on & off fone to find out results,, levels jumped to 76, immediate C-Section fluid round heart, if i’d hav left it to hospital, baby wud hav brain damage or died.. when the Anti D injections havnt worked,, it is serious… :(

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