Jim Carrey Introduces Grandson Jackson Riley!

Jim Carrey Introduces Grandson Jackson Riley!

Adorable! Proud Grandpa, Jim Carrey, 47, took to Twitter to post the first picture of his sweet grandson Jackson.

Jackson Riley Santana, My Grandson, Born today! This is what 7lbs.11oz. of Calfornia dynomite looks like!”

Jackson – born yesterday – is the first child for Carrey’s 22-year-old musician daughter Jane and her husband Alex Santana (a.k.a. “Nitro” from the band Blood Money). The new parents married in November of last year.

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  1. Sarah G.


  2. Anonymous

    What an adorable newborn! I mean, all babies are beautiful, but often when they’re so new they look kind of pink and scrunched up. Little Jackson Riley is just perfect. Congratulations to the Carrey-Santana family :)

  3. Kati

    What an adorable baby! This little boy is so lucky to have such loving pafrents and loving grandfather! Jackson will never get bored when grandpa Jim is around! Maybe being funny is in his genes! Congratulations to the whole Carrey-Santana family!

  4. Anonymous

    Funny, I have the impression Jim is going to be like a “cool uncle” more than a grandpa! And I mean it as a good thing! (maybe that’s because I can’t imagine having a 47 year-old dad at 22). He surely is sweet.

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