Marie Osmond’s Son Commits Suicide

Marie Osmond's Son Commits Suicide

Tragic news to report out of Hollywood today. Marie Osmond‘s son Michael Blosil committed suicide on Friday night (February 27) in Los Angeles, ET reports. Contacted by phone this morning, Marie’s brother Donny Osmond says, “Please pray for my sister and her family.”

Michael, who was 18 and is one of Marie’s eight children, died after jumping from his downtown Los Angeles apartment at about 9 p.m. last night. He left a suicide note addressing his life-long battle with severe depression that left him, he said, feeling as if he had no friends and could never fit in.

“My family and I are devastated and in deep shock by the tragic loss of our dear Michael and ask that everyone respect our privacy during this difficult time,” Marie says.

Marie and ex-husband Brian Blosil adopted Michael in 1991.

Our deepest condolences go out to the Osmond-Blosil family.

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  • CelineDionFanForever

    that is terrible! My heart goes out to her!

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a crap. He was a nobody. I’m feeling depressed too, can I get on the front page of TMZ?

    • Kelly

      If I was a heartless bastard like you, I’d be depressed, too. It seems to me you are the nobody.

    • Anon

      Can you find the roof of your apartment?

  • CelineDionFanForever

    How rude, she just lost her son you are so inconsiderate not to mention you clearly have NO sympathy for another human being.

  • musiclover

    My heart goes out to Marie and the rest of the family. So sad. And Anonymous…you are just a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • carolyn

    Oh, how horrible. My thoughts are with their family.

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible . My condolences to Marie and her family.

  • Ella

    depression is an illness, not a choice or some imaginary concept….

    • Sarah G.


      Depression runs in the family too. My cousin and I suffer from the same mental disorder, S.A.D. It got so bad for my cousin that she had to drop out of school and apply to a college closer to home, while I had to be home schooled for the last three years of High School.

  • Sarah G.

    So sad. May he find the peace in death he obviously couldn’t in life.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares sarah? Noone’s asking for your life story.

    • Kelly

      In the same respect, no one cares about your comments!

  • Anonymous

    Why the need to point out his adoption? He was her son, plain and simple.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous I agree it does not matter if he was adopted he was still her son
    my heart goes out to her

  • Anon1

    This is why celebs should not adopt children. That child clearly felt alone and neglected while her mother was busy performing away in Las Vegas. You have 8 kids, some of whom are adopted, please stay home and raise them.


    • Kelly

      You have no idea why he chose to end his life. I’m betting it had absolutely nothing to do with being adopted and/or his mother. Don’t you think Marie is going through enough without having mindless individuals make comments about her supposed lack of parenting?

      Last year, my brother committed suicide. My parents are divorced but he had a close relationship with the both of them. They loved and supported him immensely and were devastated, as well all were, over his passing.

      But let me tell you, playing the blame game, especially in a situation you are completely unfamiliar with, will get you nowhere.

  • LJSS

    Tragic, so sad for Marie & family. My condolences

  • Anonymous

    Hey Anon1 – he lived with Marie in Vegas – so SHE was home with him. Not sure if you always judge before you know the facts.

  • Rebecca T.

    Thoughts n Prayers to the…Marie Osmond family. I wanted to let you know “Marie” when I saw the news on your son… I could barely take it knowing my baby brother “Kieran Paul Tierney” would had been “40” that month “Feb.6,1970 to Sept.13,2009 shot himself in “Coast Guard” housing in “Cape May,New Jersey” he was a “Cronic Pain Suffier from his early 20s an employee with “Yosemite National Park” #6 bk. surgies from that over the years and a numorours “Affairs’ his “Flight Medic Nurse” with the USCG and her family that never accepted my great bother. Julie came from a “Weathly” family and they never took to the fact he was just a “Non-Wealthy” American. Kieran had been dead 5 months when you lost your son and wanted to say this is and will the ‘HARDEST” you will ever go threw “Marie” I know in burry a “Daughter…April on Oct.9th,1996” but my Prayers n Praying for Comfort for you.I think its the fact that i come from a “Scott/Irish/Catholic” of “8” and kieran and I were the Babies of the family “Kieran the 8th n Myself the 7th” he was baby of the boys and I was the baby of the girls.I know I have other “Siblings’ but don’t know them it was just us that was left I sometimes I guess feel like a “Twin’ cause I only remember “Kieran” and myself.I know our hole lives we shared a room and was just us “I” remember at camping,summers at the Beach,School ect. I know in sibling rivary you have ups in downs but we grew to be best of Friends” I miss his “Kieran” 1 am onth chat on the phone and no less then 2-3 times a week “Texting” Marie my brother was a hillarious person “Handsome” omg and increable “Father’ he also loved his “Dogs” that was the last I had heard of my-sister-in-law was “You know,Rebecca your brother just lost…Buddy” that was his last dog 3 weeks before he killed himself.He had another “Dog” it was from “Mobile Police Department “K-9” germman Shepard “Dublin” was the dogs name and he had…Dublin creammated. I not just saying this but me ex. grlfriend and myself watched every “Friday” night at in staying the night at my friends house ‘The Donny n Marie Show” every Friday we were both 2 of best fans ever and in seeing what happened to you…I litterly collasped that evening in went the Bathroom and cried for hrs with this ‘HORRIBLE” news and loss of wanted to let you know to pray for my..niece n newphew”Paige,Ryan Tierney” losing there “Dad..Kieran” and that’s all they knew “Mr.Mom” in his disablity thats all ryan n paige knew was there daddy.I wanted to let you know awhile after my brother was dead my Julie”Sister-in-law” parents were putting “Kieran” down litterly over his dead body saying how now…JULIE can go with her life and schooing.My #1 oldest brother”Logan Tierney’ 37 yrs retired AirForce Souldier had flown to “Cape May’ to totally see if this was really our baby brother ‘Kieran” we really won’t the truth if this really happened “Kieran’s suicide” all I know a part of died that day I havent been the same since .I have quit my J.O.B. with the “Palmdale School District” over a so called best friends be-friending me and having to quit.I have to to confide in my boss and others but they dont want to hear it and do not believe me because i was told by a “Mrs. Novak” Yucca Elementry” that pretty much she was at work everyday and I wasn’t.I soory my family and I had burried “Kieran” on Sept.21st2009 and our Mother Died same week Sept.24th,2009 “Mary Jean Tierney83″51yrs of marriage to our Dad and 5 days later our dad collasped and was ill from sep to april in n out of Hospitals connvelesant surgeries heart,ect. 15 calls to 911 and onon.Ive been trying to get my job bk but No-Response in my boss she is the “Pricipal” at “Yucca” in Palmdale ca. Its funny how my “Dad’ used to sub for “Mrs.Kimberly Shaw” for yrs after he was a retired teacher and how she has payed our family bk in believe this “Co-worker/Employee” over my father n her ex.CO-worker to her.Ive pray for you “Marie” everyday when i pray for family in healing n COMFORT. Sorry this was so long but…I know your “#1 HELL OF A STRONG WOMAN” and you will be even stronger. “God Bless you and your…Family” Byee…RebeccaKeel!!!!

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