Matt Damon Says Daughters Are “Thriving” In New York

Matt Damon Says Daughters Are "Thriving" In New York

Matt Damon loves New York. After relocating to the Big Apple from Miami last year, the famous dad says that he and his wife Luciana Barrosa and their girls have no plans to leave.

“They’re all thriving. That’s why we’re so excited about it here,” Matt tells the USA Today of stepdaughter Alexia, 11, and daughters Isabella, 3, and Gia, 1. “We’re not leaving. Nobody bothers me. The younger ones are not aware of any of the celebrity (stuff). We walk to school every morning. We play in the park. It feels like a normal life.”

Several months ago the 39-year-old star of The Informant admitted that a move out west was a possibility – in part because that’s where his close pal Ben Affleck makes his home with Jennifer Garner and their girls Violet, 4, and Seraphina, 1.

“We each have two girls within six months of each other. It’s a strong argument to buy a house there and be near Ben,” he said at the the time. “We’ll see how the little kids do (in New York). If the winter is too tough, we might move to L.A. All my friends with kids live there.”

Next up for Matt is the action film The Green Zone, opening tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow – his daughters are beautiful!

  • Roxxie

    OMG, Gia is such a cutie!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad they can have a normal life in NY but I do confess that I would love to see more pictures of them…I know, I’m a hypocrite…


    I still can’t believe he married HER. He picks up some single mom/bar maid in Miami and marries her. Was he that desperate? Of course, she wasn’t going to say no. She saw $$$. I’m sure that made his parents proud…NOT. That’s what we call “stepping into sh*t”.

    • Anonymous

      That’s incredibly rude and judgmental! You don’t even know her to know what kind of person she is. If he’s with her and has had two children with her plus has taken on a stepdaughter as his own child, then they must have a special bond. He’s no angel, he’s been with countless women, so why are you calling her names and giving him a pass? You don’t know them so stop acting like you do.

      I wonder if there is some underlying racism behind your comment. Pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      all i see is a hot man who is an incredible actor and loves her and his kids wow! how bad is that! his parents must be mad to see him so happy lol and don’t forget to mention his wife is so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    DIRTY STAY OUT – Are you joking? For all we know she is the lovliest warmest, funniest most caring and intelligent woman on the planet. Working in a bar (good hours if u=you hvae a kid as they are in bed) and being a single mother does not preclude you from being an amazing person and a total catch. For all we know he was the one lucky enough to get her!


  • Anonymous

    He’s lucky he gets left alone, but that’s not the case for all other celebrities who live in New York.

  • Anonymous

    I love him and his family. And his girls are really beautiful!

    (I’d just like to say that her last name is BarrosO )

  • EM

    his girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW.. mini models

  • Anonymous

    He is a pathological liar. He and his “wife” do not ever ever ever walk their kids to school, or take them to the playground or spend any quality time with them. They haven’t even been in NY for MONTHS. Matt Damon has been filming all over the Europe (most recently with Clint Eastwood in France and London) and globetrotting to premieres and his docile, subservient, fame hungry wife follows her master everywhere – but amazingly without a kid in tow. They are always photographed out partying at celeb-friendly restaurants – without their kids – after filming all day! Great parenting!!!! According to his IMDB page he’s going to be filming 10 movies in the next 2 years – wow, that leaves a lot of time for family. Just how much money does this guy need?

  • kitty

    Awww! Super Cute family.

    Matt needs to tell Hugh Jackman and Ava how to avoid getting photographed going and coming home from school. Hugh gets followed to the park as well.

  • Anonymous

    What is up with the haters? Matt seems like a great dad and husband. And if he and his wife love each other, that is there business. Are you jealous, a racist or both?

  • Shaz

    DIRTY STAY OUT – all i can say is your stupid.

    People are entitled to marry whoever they want. When it comes to real love, money, looks and status are never an issue. Most Hollywood marriages never last and Matt probably wanted a normal, healthy relationship and family life and he seems to have it now…so don’t be jealous.

  • Anonymous

    Get a life all of your haters. You do not even know this family. You all seem very jealous!

  • Kati

    DIRTY STAY OUT – what a cruel thing to say about a woman matt Damon loves and who´s the mother of his children! It´s actually refreshing to see a celeb couple of whom the other isn´t a celeb. Luciana seems to be this most down-to-earth, warm-hearted and funny woman there is. Maybe that´s why Matt fell in love with her. Those girls – Isabella and Gia – are really beautiful little girls. They both are very beautiful. To them Matt is their dad – not a celebrity. It´s wonderful to see this family out. They are so normal.


    Shaz – why don’t you learn proper grammar? It’s YOU’RE, not your. Who’s the stupid one now? And how do you know what he wanted???? He was obviously hard up and desperate to have married her and she saw dollar signs. I give this relationship a few more years.

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  • stefy

    Matt is such a sweet guy. And the girls are so cute, they look just like him. Matt will take care of them no matter where he takes them. He is the kind of guy who gives true attention to his family and will not sacrifice his time with them over work. Go handsome daddy, you rock! seo services

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