Kevin Costner Expecting His Seventh Child!

Kevin Costner Expecting His Seventh Child!

Kevin Costner is expecting his seventh child, Extra reports.

The 55-year-old Dances With Wolves star and wife Christine Baumgartner are expecting their third child in June. They are already parents to two sons: Hayes Logan, 1, and Cayden, 2.

Costner has four children from previous relationships; three with ex-wife Cindy Costner, and one from a brief relationship with Bridget Rooney.

Congratulations to the Baumgartner-Costner family!

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    Aww wow I love the Costners!

  2. Anonymous

    DANG!! lol again?? Congrats to them!

  3. Romeo Blue

    Don’t they own a TV?

  4. Anonymous

    This guy is a “washed up” “has been”! Who cares?!

  5. Anonymous

    who is counting?…not adding it up right!
    Cindy Costner – 4
    Bridget Rooney – 1
    Christine Baumgartner – 2

    add one more…that is 8

  6. Anonymous

    I hope they have a girl.

  7. Anonymous

    who are these people? I have never heard of them.

  8. Mark

    I think the only reason guys his age, which is almost my age, have kids is to prove to the world that they can still get it up. There is a time to stop Kevin.

  9. Anonymous

    Kevin Costner’s career has been OVER for a LONG time so I guess all he can do now is make babies – ha ha!

  10. Anonymous

    G…..G….Grandpa. No sweetie, that’s your daddy. LOL

  11. Anonymous

    Imagine being 76 at the 21st!!!!!!!!!! Embarrassing already

  12. Anonymous

    The P is good at any age! ask Hef. The bees are doing it. The birds are doing it. The ninety year olds in nursing homes are doing it. Wise up fools!

  13. Kati

    Congratulations to the whole Costner family! Kevin sure is a loving father to all his children. His children from his previous marriage – Annie, Lily and Joe – are already adults and Cayden and Hayes sure are looking forward to this next baby. Hopefully this time Kevin and Christine will have a girl. IN that way Kevin would have three sons and three daughters. But whatever it will be the main thing is that he/she is healthy.

  14. Anonymous

    Hey Kati, if Costner was loving to his kids he wouldn’t have dumped their mom.

  15. Anonymous

    Just because he leaves the mother doesn’t mean he isn’t a good father. That thinking is wrong. Congrats to Kevin and his wife and the rest of his children.

  16. Anonymous

    You all need to get a life!

  17. Joanna

    I adore Kevin, and therefore all his family. These are good people, loving parents, and they have enough money to raise these kids properly. At least the RIGHT people are having kids, not the wrong ones who cannot afford the time or money to raise them well. Bravo to the Costners!


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