Jesse James’ Ex Petitions For More Custody

Jesse James' Ex Petitions For More Custody

When it rains, it pours! Jesse James‘ ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder, has set a new court date to fight for custody of their 6-year-old daughter Sunny, TMZ reports.

Since headlines broke that Jesse had an alleged affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, Janine filed new legal papers in their ongoing custody case. Currently Jesse has full custody of Sunny while Janine lives in a halfway house, after serving time in prison for tax evasion.

Reportedly, until this week Janine didn’t stand a chance of gaining even partial custody. Jesse’s estranged wife, Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock, was such a stabilizing family influence, a judge would shut her down.

But Janine now believes Sandra will divorce Jesse which might open the door for some custodial rights.

Janine’s court date is set for June 14.

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  • silvia

    oh dear.. sandra should get the all kids, the dogs and the house.

    • Anonymous

      LoL! she should.

      i’m under the impression that this whole thing was concocted between Michelle McGee and Janine to screw jesse over and give that Janine woman custody!

  • Anonymous

    Hope Janine gets custody! Why does Sandra need the kids, they’re not even biologically hers.

    • Anonymous

      sometimes biological parents don’t deserved to have kids like in this case. I rather have Sandra as my step-mother than a bio-mother drug addict prostitute or a manipulative sex addict as a father.

  • Peta

    I’m surprised it took so long.

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