Angelina Jolie & Her Beautiful Babies

Angelina Jolie & Her Beautiful Babies

It’s the twins! Angelina Jolie was spotted bonding with her two youngest children – 1 ½-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne – in Venice, Italy on Friday (March 26). A nanny helped out as Angie took a breather on the balcony with her sweet babies. Looks like Viv was really wanting some mommy-time. So cute!

Yesterday, we saw some great pics of Angelina and Knox taking in the sights from the balcony.

Angie and her partner Brad Pitt have been in Europe with their children – including Maddox, 8, Pax, 6, Zahara, 5, and Shiloh, 3 ½ – while the busy mom-of-six is filming The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

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  • Eheath

    Gosh Angie is looking gorgeous, i know people are going to say shes taking them out for there pics to be took but i think its great they must need fresh air!

  • kati

    What a lovely trio! Seems like Viv is A)very tired after just waking up or B)she much rather wants to be in mummy´s arms than a nanny´s. She seems to be mummy´s little girl. She already is a spitting image of her beautiful mum. Just look at those baeutiful eyes. The color comes from dad Brad but the shape obviously is from Angie. Both Knox and Viv are just too cute. They will break many hearts in the future just like their big sisters Zee and Shi and big brothers Mad and Pax. Love this family.

  • LJSS

    Love the coy look from Viv. The babies are beautiful.


    They are cute!!!! I love ViV, but Knox it just simply adorable

  • Anonymous

    Her son is gorgeous, but I would really like to know why, for three freaken days, has she been pimping her kids out on the balconey looking a little haggard? 1st day, not smiling, hair covering neck, 2nd day, now smiling, hair covering neck, with her son again like the 1st day, and the 3rd day, on the balconey with both kids, hair covering neck, again. I am not sold on her claim to not read the tabloids. She obviously has, or she wouldn’t have been out to show off her kids, hair covering the neck that had the purtrusions on it.. Folk were comlaining that it was only the boy, now she shows the girl. Obvious. She has no skills in making this less obvious. PHOTO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

    • Dedra

      that was a seriously stupid comment anonymous. dont you think we would have seen way more pics of the twins by now if she was trying to pimp them out. keep the nasty and rude comments to yourself. its because of people like you and the paparazzi that we havent seen more pics of the kids.

    • keepher-kat

      First of all, a balcony is always a private property, the paps should not take pics of them on their balcony, and the web site should not publish them.

      And I do not see why, it is correct for others celebrity to bring their children to the Premiere and to pose with them, and it is a photo op if a mom bring her children on their balcony, they mostly do not have a garden since they are in Venice.
      I am sure that you have many things important to make! ! ! ! ! Why are you wasting your invaluable time here!!!

    • Liron

      Yeah because she so needs PR and doesn’t have a herd of photographers running after her to take pics and sell them for a lot of money… it’s hard for her to hide from the papz in Italy, that is all… when they leave we probably won’t see as much of them anymore.

    • Anonymous

      You sound seriously unstable. Go off to the toilet clutching your dog-earred tabloids. That’s where you and they belong. Does a woman with her babies bother you hateful nasty vile jealous hags that much? What you say, and the way you say it, says a LOT about you – namely lonely, bitter, jealous and twisted.

    • Anonymous

      First theirs is a photo of Knox and Vivienne with brad and Angielina on the balcony it was the first photo taken with them on the balcony. Secondly they have no back yard for them to be outside and have privacy. So because they what to stay home and get some fresh air and enjoy the good weather it’s a photo op?

      P.S. If you what to talk about photo op let talk about Jennifer Garner we see her and her kids every single day seven days a week, they can’t say home or play in their back yard for once inside of going out were the pops can take photos of them.

    • JenHag

      You are obviously a jennifer Haggiston fan who is in a lot of pain because of all the beauty and love in the Jolie-Pitt household, but I think you need to focus your energy on Bolstering Jenhags career….it’s not going so well. HORRIBLE REVIEWS FOR THE BOUNTY HUNTER, low OPENING WEEKEND TOTALS, NO MAN, LAUGHINGSTOCK OF HOLLYWOOD…etc. LOL!

      Vivienne is gorgeous and Knox is a cutie-pie. All that talk of them having several nannies to do all the work is obviously untrue, OR ELSE VIVIENNE WOULD BE MORE COMFORTABLE WITH THE NANNY….but she’s crying for her mommy….awwwww! precious!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely gorgeous babies, as all of them are really :)
    Angelina looks stunning

  • Liron

    Viv is cute (looks like she really wants mommy… aww) but Knox stole my heart with that adorable face. I think they both look a lot like Brad.

  • 75

    wow she already choose her clothes thats amazing

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when you have your own children.. the other minority
    adopted ones take a back sit.. you will never see all 6 together..

    But thanks for the pix

    • oh JFC

      Such a retarded comment. If she was seen with only the adopted ones then she must hate her bio kids. She gets no break. BTW, first photos with Knox on the balcony – if you look at Shiloh’s picture you can see a foot of one of the “minority adopted ones” behind her, probably sitting on the window sill.
      And we see them on many occasions with their four older kids, in which ppl have asked where they are hiding the twins. I’m not surprised they don’t take the toddlers with the four older ones.

      Now you can go back to your hole.

    • Deyanna Marie

      That is a little harsh, don’t you think. We see plenty of pictures of her adopted children as well as her biological children. This will always be an argument, the media does focus more on her biological children, but it does not mean that the same circumstances are applicable in their home. We can clearly see that to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie these are all their children, simple as that. Knox is the spitting image of Shiloh, but he also looks quite like his mother. He looks Viv is adorable, I love her look when she is finally in her mother’s arms, its adorable!

  • Anonymous11

    Awww poor viv, she looks really scared. What a contrast to knox reaction.
    Where are the other kids? Why only pimp out the little ones?
    IF she wanted fresh air she could open a freaking window.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you care how she gets fresh air? The paparazzi shouldn’t be out sitting on the water stalking the family. she should be able to take her kids wherever the heck she wants to without being hounded by people like you.

      • Blue

        Anonymous, you are a poor spirit and you have no life, thus your bitterness.

        You are a sad creature. I feel for you. I truly do.


    These kids are beautiful beyond words!

  • alexa

    beautiful Vivienne and Knox

  • Anonymous

    Haters,go do what you do best…….go read a tabloid.

    If the twins weren’t seen out you would be screaming something was “wrong” with them.So when the are “seen out” their Mother is a famewh*re according to you idiots.5 years of hate has rotten your minds…this is VERY clear.And some of you should be deeply ashamed of the ASININE posts you write.

    The twins are beautiful children….all of the Jolie-Pitt children are beautiful.Angelina and Brad are VERY blessed.I wish this family well!

    • Anonymous

      Exactly – thank you. I’ve seen pics of these babies maybe 3 or 4 times in the two years they’ve been on this earth. I see Jen Garner’s girls 5 days a week. So how is it that Angelina is showing off. She’s in Venice in a balcony suite that is most likely the twins room – they are on the water where there are boats and things to see. Is she supposed to dress them in bhurkas and keep them inside when she goes to these wonderful places, just because there are a few unstable jealous crackpot women who crap their pants in rage when they see beautiful women with their babies?? Uh, no. It doesn’t work like that. Some of the people posting here need serious help. These are beautiful pictures, and I wouldn’t want them to not enjoy their travels and the sites just because a razzi is hiding in a bush or a hotel room a block away with a telephoto lens. Angelina doesn’t care – her kids want to go outside, and see everything and she’ll take them. Guess what? They’ve probably been out many nights in the evening as well, but the razzi’s couldn’t see them.

    • Peta

      I know, right? You can’t please people. We’re seeing more of the twins now, and suddenly she hates her non-biological children. When we see more of the older children, people say the opposite.

      And now that Viv is in one of those long-sleeved two-shirt styled tops instead of a frilly dress, I guess that means her mother (never the father!) is out to make her a boy too.

  • Jess3

    Knox looks like Angelina, Vivienne looks like Shiloh. Twins are the cutest.

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous children!

  • Faye

    Awww…sweet photos. I think Vivienne looks very much like Angelina. Knox seems like a blend of both parents. Both very adorable.

  • Audrey

    Kids like to look out windows. Moms like to hold their babies. And that balcony doesn’t look like the type you let toddlers on unsupervised hence the adult supervision. Picture looks fine to me. Cute happy looking kids.

  • Anonymous

    Ignore the haters they are blinded by their hatred of AJ. But they can’t away stay away from this family How pathetic. BTW chris Odonnel has 5 kids yet I’ve never seen all 5 together. Kirk Cameron has 7 never seen him out with all 7.

  • o

    angelina jolie looks awsome!
    all families have troubles so it’s obvious they have had problems too with their children, just because she is famous people make a big-HUGE- deal about it. They are just another family so get over it!
    the twins are cute but baby shiloh is by far more beautiful great genes!
    btw we see more of her non biological kids (only that all ppl make a bigger deal with the biological ones) so it is such a lie that she doesn’t love them. I wish the best for them

  • Anonymous

    I think Viv looks like Angie or her namesake, Marcheline and Knox looks like James. Shiloh is different yet gorgeous in her own right.

  • Anonymous

    I think Viv looks like Angie or her namesake, Marcheline and Knox looks like James. Shiloh is different yet gorgeous in her own right.

  • Anonymous

    I think Viv looks like Angie or her namesake, Marcheline and Knox looks like James. Shiloh is different yet gorgeous in her own right.

  • Anonymous

    I think Viv looks like Angie or her namesake, Marcheline and Knox looks like James. Shiloh is different yet gorgeous in her own right.

  • nicoleC

    it’s hard to see Vivienne !!!

  • SarahEl

    A great set of photos! Angelina looks great, and her two little ones are sweet as ever!!

    I do think we see all of her children fairly equality. But, I think their biological children might get photographed more often, because the paparazzi might just take more photos of them. Possibly get more money per shot. But, who knows, we are not there with them to know what happens. I think the most important thing is every time we see her children, they look happy, well cared for, and healthy!!!

  • Sophia

    Beauuutiful! I’ve never seen a more adorable set of twins. Just gorgeous :)

  • MeganI

    Knox looks like babby Angie.Vivienne is Brad . The most beauty twins ever

  • Anonymous

    I think Vivienne looks like Angelina’s late mother and Knox looks very similar to Shiloh who is a combination of both Angelina and Brad. What beautiful children!!

  • Vivienne

    Vivienne resembles her daddy.Knox is all Angie. Twins are adorable

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