Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady’s Dapper Dude

Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady's Dapper Dude

What a handsome bunch! Gisele Bündchen, Tom Brady, and their 3-month-old son Benjamin were seen attending Gisele’s twin sister Patrícia’s wedding at the Laurentia Vineyard outside Porto Alegre, Brazil on Saturday (March 27). Baby Benjamin looked dapper in his mini tuxedo. What a cutie!

Gisele, 29, served as maid of honor for her fraternal twin sister, leaving Tom, 32, in charge of the diaper bag.

We just spotted Gisele and her newborn son at LAX early last week making their way to Brazil.

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Photo credit: Ramey

  • Anonymous

    awww…he looks adorable. His parents aren’t bad either. Beautiful family- inside and out.

  • not my faves

    this couple annoys me to no end. and i’d hardly say he is beautiful on the inside after what he did to his ex.

  • Anonymous

    this couple annoys me to no end. and i’d hardly say he is beautiful on the inside after what he did to his ex. [2]

  • nicoleC

    sometime i think Gisele’s face looks like a man
    but she has a great body undoubtedly

  • Anonymous1

    I agree with some of the comments. He is NOT beautiful on the inside. He’s an insensitive jerk. And yes, she does have a face like a man, more like a horse though.

  • Anonymous

    Why do they annoy you? They got married and had a baby. Good for them.
    People shouldn’t marry pregnant ex’s if they aren’t committed to them, so get over it. Move on Bridget lovers.

  • Anonymous

    gorgeous family


  • Anonymous

    I lvoe them and think they are an amazing gorgeous family. Wish them all the best. and please gisele’s face is beautiful. I love thin bone structurized faces like hers.

  • Anonymous

    Enough with the “houlier than thou” comments…as if you’ve made perfect decisions throughout your entire life. Tom and Bridget were broken up before anyone know about the pregnancy, and he had started dating Gisele. They broke up for a reason, and should not get back together just because of the baby- that doesn’t do any good for anyone in the long run. And its not like he was having some fling with a random girl, he ended up marrying Gisele!
    No, it was not an ideal situation…but that’s life. They all seemed to handle it well (aside from Bridget’s OK! cover and that creepy lingerie pic, of course), and John gets a lot of love from all three of them.
    To say that Brady should’ve ditched his future bride for a woman he already ended a relationship is ridiculous.
    Move on already! They all did…

  • Anonymous

    Gisele looks stressed. In fact, she looks way more stressed than her boastings to the media would suggest. Maybe having her own baby isn’t as easy as she thought. She looks like she might want to punch Tom.

  • Anonymous

    I seen more photos and she looks anytthing but stressed. she is smiling from ear to ear. in this particular photo she is handing the baby over to tom. what a wonderful fam. she also wears an old dress from 2005, thats pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    giselle has an amazing, enviable body, no question there. But i woudn’t wanna look like her – with a body shaped like a stick, with a horse’s face. And Tom – please! They’ll last two, three years tops. On a positive note, even from behind, Benjamin looks adorable. I like Giselle’a dress, too. and yes, i agree giselle looks somewhat stressed, i’d say she looks downright pissed!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous family!
    She looks sooooooooooo happy!

  • Anonymous

    Good for them!! love this family!!

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