Kendra Wilkinson Searching For Teething Advice

Kendra Wilkinson Searching For Teething Advice

Kendra Wilkinson is experiencing what all new moms experience, a teething baby, reports US Weekly. The new mom took to Twitter for advice, asking those in the Twitterverse, “any mamas got any advice on when my baby teethes? I feel like he’s gettin there. i already have the teethers ready so i know that. lol.”

Some of the “interesting” ideas Wilkinson received to help with the pain were, “whiskey n brandy,” as well as, “a pork chop bone n tequila.”

Wilkinson, 24, also joked 3 month-old baby Hank’s latest milestone, recognizing girls, with the new mama saying, “lil Hank’s new thing is blowing bubbles n pushing buttons lol. He already loves cars n hes a huge flirt lolol….”

The reality star, who recently revealed that she loves her new shape after baby, has been married to NFL player Hank Baskett since last June.

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  1. Anonymous

    ice cream will help uot with teething

  2. IPR

    A Teething Bling necklace is a great idea (mom wears it, and it’s safe for baby). Tori Spelling has one.

  3. Anonymous

    Teething advice? Yeah, read a book! Remember those?

  4. Monikalup

    Hi homies


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