Alyson Hannigan & Her Striped Sweetie Satyana

Alyson Hannigan & Her Striped Sweetie Satyana

How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan and her always adorable daughter Satyana, 1, were spotted out in Los Angeles, California today (April 9).

The actress and her baby girl celebrated their shared birthday late last month – a coincidence which apparently isn’t all that rare in their family!

It was her due date,” Alyson told Celebrity Baby Scoop last year. “And actually, my mom was born on her mom’s birthday. On my dad’s side of the family, all of the women are born on the 24th of the month, not the same month, but always the 24th.”

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  • Klutzy_girl

    Okay, that’s the second shirt this week that I’ve seen Aly wearing that makes her look pregnant again.

    I’m officially suspecting she’s pregnant with baby number two!

    And Satyana is adorable as always.

  • Anonymous

    TOM LENK!!

    • Klutzy_girl

      So that’s who it is? I was so confused on Random Guy showing up!

      Yay for Andrew!

  • c

    I think that she’s looked pregnant for the past several several photos that have been posted… Though it seems that she couldn’t hide it for several weeks, and it is a bit soon after her first baby.

  • layla

    Satyana really looks like a baby boy ever since she was a newborn.

    • Anonymous

      i agree, alyson needs to do satyana’s hair! :)

  • Sophia

    Satyana looks even cuter now her hair’s a bit longer. She’s such a sweet looking kid :)
    I hope Alyson’s pregnant again. That would be so lovely.

  • Laura T.

    I’d go easy on Satyana’s hair. We all know what it’s like for busy moms who can barely find the time to put clothes on their babies before they head out the door. :-) Also, if Alyson’s pregnant, it would be nice if hubby Alexis got a full-time job after the baby was born so Alyson didn’t have to spend so much on the set of HIMYM. I don’t mean to sound bitchy about it, and as much as I’d miss Alyson on my TV set every week, she would deserve to be able to spend more time at home being a mom.

    • Klutzy_girl

      Alexis did have a job, but they fired him for some reason. So he’s trying at least.

  • Anonymous

    actually Alyson probably spends more time with Satyana. she’s said many times that there is a nursery on set and she takes the baby with her to work pretty much every day.

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