Ryder Robinson’s New ‘Do

Ryder Robinson's New 'Do

Look who has a brand new ‘do!

Ryder Robinson was sporting a very different look when his mom Kate Hudson dropped him off at school in Pacific Palisades, California yesterday: The adorable 6-year-old, whose dad is Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson, has traded in his signature long locks for a close-cropped cut. He looks so grown up!

What do you think of Ryder’s new style?

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Photo credit: JAXN/GSI Media


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  1. Desiree

    Awe, I loved the long locks! :) Still a cutie, of course.

  2. Aye

    aww that’s too bad. His longer hair made me jealous :)

  3. Jenny

    Love it! ;-)

  4. Romeo Blue

    Wow, he looks great! So much better than that long stringy hair hanging in his face. What a difference it made.

  5. Heather

    I loved the long stringy hair hanging in his sweet litte face!! Especially since lately they were keeping it longer but still groomed.

  6. Lea

    Ow, much better now!

  7. Kancy

    Wow… what a difference. He looks great!

  8. What the....

    He looked like a girl with that long stringy hair; now he looks like a boy and an adorable one!

  9. Julianna

    OH ! He looks like a cute boy! I Prefer his new look ! He looks more masculine

  10. Anonymous

    He looks cute.

    I wish his school on his sweatshirt were blurred out, for his safety.

  11. AJ

    Naww I liked it long, now he just looks like every other little boy. He’s still cute though :)

  12. Hannah.J

    Wow he looks so different so grown up.

  13. Kati

    I love Ryder´s new style. This new short hairdo suits him much better than those logn locks. He looks so handsome now and so grown-up. Makes him to look more masculine.

  14. Sophia

    He’s still a gorgeous boy, and will be no matter what, but I have to admit he melted my heart with the long locks. I loved them :’(

  15. Ally

    =( =( =(

    His long hair was much better.

  16. Tina

    @ What the….: the hair does not make the gender.

  17. Anonymous

    The cliche short-haircut just takes away all personality and makes him just a part of the wallpaper. I volunteer at two schools, and the longer the boys’ hair the easier it is to tell them apart and remember their names; boys with hair cut short just all blur together. No recognition problems with girls ’cause most of ‘em have at least some length of hair!


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