Suri Cruise Has Her Own Bodyguard

Suri Cruise Has Her Own Bodyguard

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes want only the best for their adorable daughter Suri. So the couple have hired the same high-priced Hollywood bodyguard who’s protected Julia Roberts and Robert Pattinson to look after their little girl, Life & Style reports.

“His name is Sheldon, and he’s one of the best in the business,” an insider says. “He’s an extremely respected, sought-after guard. He takes his job very seriously and gets paid very well.”

And while Sheldon may intimidate most grown adults, Suri, who turns 4 on April 18, thinks he’s the greatest. “She’s very comfortable with him,” a second insider says. “Usually a bodyguard would carry a kid, but he doesn’t carry her, so she feels she’s very independent!”

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  • Anonymous

    It’s good that they want to protect her, but I don’t think he’s Suri’s personal. guard. I’ve seen photos of him at with Tom and Katie at premieres.

  • Heather

    Of course she needs a body guard with all of the press hounding her. We see the pics all of the time, but has anyone ever seen any of the actual footage of them going into or leaving somewhere? There are hundreds and hundreds of flashes and everyone screams at them to get their attention. I don’t blame them one bit for having a body guard for her. If I were her mom I would be so freaked out I don’t know if I would ever let her out of my sight. I know that’s not reasonalbe either, so I give them props.

    • Aliana

      That’s exactly how I feel! People are always commenting on how she’s being carried all the time, well, why wouldn’t she be?! If I had that many people around me whenever I went some where, I would definitely be carrying my kids.

  • bobby

    I saw him he’s not a nice guy believe me.

    • Anonymous

      well duh! 😛 he’s paid well not to be nice

  • Nicolle

    a lot of celeb kids have body guards, like the beckhams kids all do, violet affleck did when their stalker was loss, and olive cohen has one. its not that suprising when kids have high profile parents.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with most of these comments; with the amount of pictures that are taken of that little one, I’m sure her parents are somewhat freaked out. I think that is why we see a lot of stars carrying their kids. Life in a fishbowl!

    • Boston.Girl

      And yet if you look through old posts on this site alone, how many people say nasty things about the celebs carrying their kids or having their 4-year old’s in strollers? It makes sense when someone takes the time to understand how harassed and followed these people are. I do not blame them one bit. The more you respect the celebs as HUMANS and respect their right to privacy when they are not filming or promoting – the better response you get from them…
      Great example; I went to a 100 Monkeys concert (Jackson Rathbone from Twilight is in the band) – they play small venues (This was in a club that featured 5 bands that night) – there were a TON of Twilight fans in line waiting to get in. Jackson came out, walked down the street (totally alone), AND not one fangirl/woman attacked him. After the show (because no one rushed the stage that was only 2 feet high) he signed autographs for everyone for an additional 2 hours. Respect is a two street. Jackson and the Twi-hards proved it to me that night. By the way – That man is a triple threat! Amazing to simply look at (his smile could melt steel), an actor (have you seen his Criminal Minds episode) and he can sing (and plays about 5 different instruments through out the show INCLUDING a trumpet)!

      PS Sorry if I got off topic – but I was trying to convey RESPECT towards the celeb and their families…

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